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Twenty-First Day: Monday, 17th December, 1945
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COLONEL STOREY: If the Tribunal please, the remainder of the presentation during the week will be concerning the criminal organisations. The first to be presented now is the Leadership Corps, including some of the

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illustrative crimes against the churches, against the Jews, against the Trade Unions, and the operation of the "Einsatzstab Rosenberg" concerning the looting of art treasures.

On the threshold of presenting the proof establishing the criminality of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party it is pertinent to restate the prosecution's theory of this case. It is this. The Nazi Party was the central core of the Common Plan or Conspiracy alleged in Count 1 of the Indictment, a conspiracy which contemplated and embraced the commission of Crimes against the Peace, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity as defined and denounced by the Charter.

The Leadership Corps, upon the evidence, was responsible for planning, directing and supervising the criminal measures carried into execution by the Nazi Party in furtherance of the conspiracy. More than this, as will be shown, the members of the Leadership Corps themselves actively participated in the commission of illegal measures in aid of the conspiracy. In the light of the evidence to be offered this Tribunal, the Leadership Corps may be fairly described as the brain, the backbone, and the directive arms of the Nazi Party. Its responsibilities are more massive and comprehensive than those of the army of followers it led and directed in the assault against the peace-loving peoples of the world. Accordingly, upon the record made in this case and now to be enlarged upon, the prosecution requests this Tribunal to declare that the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party is a criminal group or organisation in accordance with Article 9 of the Charter.

At this time I should like to submit to the Tribunal the document book supporting the brief as Exhibit USA V.

If your Honour pleases -- diverting from the manuscript -- during the recess there was placed upon your bench the document book, which has each document marked by tab and each quoted portion embraced by red pencil marks for the assistance of your Honours. In addition, we have handed up two documents that have already been introduced in evidence: an enlarged copy of this chart, more detailed, which your Honours have before you, and another chart, in photostatic form, with reference to the Leadership Corps; and both of those will be identified later.

I now proceed to present the proof relating to the composition, the functions, and the responsibilities and powers of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party. First, what was the Leadership Corps ---

DR. ROBERT SERVATIUS (Counsel for the Leadership Corps of the N.S.D.A.P.): After the last meeting I received a statement by Mr. Justice Jackson in which were proposals about the taking of evidence and the time for the discussion of certain questions which might arise. I cannot understand the scope of these proposals, and must therefore ask that I may at some time speak about these points again, if it is necessary.

THE PRESIDENT: Of course, counsel will have the opportunity of presenting a full argument in answer to the argument presented on behalf of the prosecution.

What I understood from Mr. Justice Jackson on Friday was that he proposed that the evidence on the question of criminal organisations should be presented first, and the argument presented afterwards.

Counsel for the organisations will, as I stated this morning, have the opportunity of calling evidence in answer to the evidence of the prosecution,

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and will also have the opportunity of presenting whatever argument they think right in answer to the evidence and argument presented on behalf of the prosecution.

COLONEL STOREY: First, what was the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party? What persons made up its membership? What was its size and scope?

In considering the composition and organisational structure of the Leadership Corps it will be convenient for the Tribunal to refer to Document 2903-PS, which is this exhibit on the wall and which was introduced by Mr. Albrecht at the opening of the Trial. And, supplementing the chart on the wall, I now offer in evidence Document 2833-PS, Exhibit USA 22, which is a chart of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party, appearing at Page 9 of a magazine published by the Chief Education Office of the Nazi Party, entitled 'The Face of the Party.' It is this little photostatic copy that you have.' Later on we expect to put the big one on the wall.

These charts and the evidence to follow show that the Leadership Corps constituted the sum total of the officials of the Nazi Party. It included the "Fuehrer" at the top; the "Reichsleiter," on the horizontal line; the Reich office holders, immediately below; the five categories of leaders who were area commanders, called the "Hoheitstraeger" or "bearers of sovereignty." They are in the red-lettered or red-lined boxes at the bottom. They range all the way from the 40 odd Gauleiter in charge of large districts, down through the intermediate political leaders, the "Kreisleiter," the "Ortsgruppenleiter," the "Zellenleiter", and finally, to the "Blockleiter", who were charged with looking after 40 to 60 households, and, what may be best described as staff officers, attached to each of the five levels of the "Hoheitstraeger".

Organised upon a hierarchical basis, forming a pyramidal structure -- as appears from the chart which your Honour holds in your hands -- the principal political leaders on a scale of descending authority were:--

The Fuehrer, at the top.
The Reichsleiter, as I have mentioned, and the main office and officeholders.
The Gauleiter, who was the district leader, with his staff officers.
The Kreisleiter, who was the county leader, and his staff officers.
The Ortsgruppenleiter, the local chapter leader, and his staff officers.
The Zellenleiter, who was the cell leader, and his staff officers.
And then, finally, the Blockleiter with his staff officers.
I now offer in evidence Document 1893-PS. This is Exhibit USA 323. And this, if your Honour pleases, is the Organisation Book of the N.S.D.A.P., the National Socialist Party. It was edited by the defendant, Reich Organisation Leader of the N.S.D.A.P. -- the late defendant -- Dr. Robert Ley and it is the 1943 edition. A large part of the evidence to be offered relating to the composition of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party will be drawn from this primer of the Nazi organisations, and I shall later quote from it, and without so requesting the Tribunal each time to take judicial notice, I shall assume, in the absence of questions, that it is so understood. That is Document 1893, the English translation, that we will refer to.

I now proceed to offer evidence on the make-up and powers of the Reichsleitung or the Leadership Corps, which consisted of the Reichsleiter or Reich

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Leaders of the Nazi Party -- and they are shown on that long horizontal list at the top of the chart -- the "Hauptaemter" (main offices), and the "Aemter", or office holders.

The "Reichsleiter" of the Party were, next to Hitler, the highest office holders in the Party hierarchy. All of the Reichsleiter in the main office and office holders within the Reichsleitung were appointed by Hitler and directly responsible to him.

I quote from the first paragraph of Page 4, Document 1893- PS:--

"The Fuehrer appoints the following political directors:

Reichsleiter and all political directors, to include the Directors of the Womens Leagues, within the Reich Directorate or Reichsleitung."

The significant fact to be grasped is that through the Reichsleitung perfect co-ordination of the Party and State machinery was guaranteed.

The Party manual puts it this way -- and I quote from the fourth sentence of the third paragraph of Page 20 of that document. You will find the page number at the bottom, Page 20; It is a very short quotation. I quote:

"In the Reichsleitung the arteries of the organisation of the German people and of the German State merge."
If your Honour please, there is a little different translation in that portion in your book.

To prove----

THE PRESIDENT: Just a moment, please. It begins: "It is in the Reich Directorate where the strings of the organisation of the German people and of the German State merge." Is that it?

COLONEL STOREY: Yes, Sir, that is it. This translation says, "the arteries of the organisation of the German people and of the German State merge."


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