The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

Beyond the Bombing:

Oregon's militia movement, which began to emerge in late 1994, appears still to be in its infancy. Touting the familiar theme that ", Civilian Militia is a final line of defense against all enemies both foreign and domestic." the Central Oregon Regional Militia has operated modest units in the town of Prineville and neighboring Deschutes County.

The Salem-based Northwest Oregon Regional Militia was disbanded by its founder, insurance salesman Mike Cross, following the Oklahoma City bombing. Cross said he feared "persecution" by the federal government. He stated, "If they would blow up one of their own buildings, who knows what they could do to militias."

ADL Fact Finding Report, "Beyond the Bombing: The Militia Menace Grows," Anti-Defamation League, 1995.

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