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Beyond the Bombing:

The Militia of Wisconsin (also known as Freeman Militia of Wisconsin) is an amalgam of three small organizations -- one under the leadership of Don Treloar in Waupaca County, one in Vernon County under Will Holzli, and a third near Slinger. Unified around the pro-gun, anti-government, conspiracy-driven philosophies that characterize other militia groups, they meet regularly and claim to engage in weapons training and maneuvers. Treloar, speaking of the group's regular field exercises, says "we are preparing men for battle." Holzli. who called media within hours of the Oklahoma city bombing to say that he thought it might be part of a government plot, has boasted of 10,000 members statewide, a plainly exaggerated claim.

Ernie Brusubardis III of Slinger has developed a 10- minute video to be shown to recruits. While the militia claims to be open to any man 18 or older, the video reportedly states that only "professing Christians" can become officers.

ADL Fact Finding Report, "Beyond the Bombing: The Militia Menace Grows," Anti-Defamation League, 1995.

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