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Partners in Bigotry
The LaRouche Cult & the Nation of Islam

Hostile to Israel, Friendly to Terrorists

The anti-Jewish leitmotif surfaces in foreign affairs as well. For LaRouche this frequently takes a nominally anti- Zionist form which, in some of its language, echoes classic anti-Semitic imagery. He has stated, ...We know that Zionism today is a parody more hideous than what it imitates from the most evil period of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Roman Empire," and has referred to "the Zionist octopus," which "must be destroyed." The cult leader has also argued that, "If international Jewry were...freed of the grip of the Zionist psychosis...the problems of the Middle East could be resolved." Farrakhan states simply, "The presence of a state called Israel is an outlaw act."

Also on the international scene, both groups have sought ties with terrorist states. In the 1980s, the Nation of Islam received a $5 million interest-free loan from Libya. Farrakhan and his lieutenants have visited Muammar Kaddafi in Libya on several occasions, and participated in demonstrations protesting the 1986 U.S. raid on Tripoli.[4] Last year LaRouche's wife Helga Zepp LaRouche, participated in a conference in The Sudan, a repressive launch pad for Islamist terrorism, and met with Sudanese leaders. The LaRouche organization also had a relationship with Iraq in the late 1970s that apparently was revived at the time of Gulf War. A member of the cult's European Executive Committee made several trips to Baghdad, ostensibly on a humanitarian mission, and LaRouche-controlled newspapers lambasted the anti-Saddam campaign in 1990-91.

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