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Partners in Bigotry
The LaRouche Cult & the Nation of Islam

Joining to Scapegoat ADL

These joint efforts continue. On April 13, 1994, Abdul Alim Muhammad and Larry Freeman of the Baltimore LaRouche office spoke at a forum at historically black Morgan State University in Baltimore. The event, sponsored by the LaRouchite Schiller Institute, was billed as, 'The Ugly Truth About the ADL."[6] - the latter being the title of a LaRouche propaganda screed circulated in several Jewish neighborhoods around the country during the last year and a half. As a further indication of the ongoing cooperation between the LaRouche and Farrakhan organizations, the March 30, 1994 issue of the NOI tabloid The Final Call carried an advertisement promoting 'The Ugly Truth About the ADL" The night following the Morgan State meeting, another joint NOI- LaRouche program was held at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

At Morgan State, Muhammad told an attentive audience, "We war," The Baltimore Jewish Times reported. "Who's fighting us? The ADL. Either we overcome them or they overcome us. Until they kill all of us or we them. Kill all of them, if it comes to that. We must fight them until we crush them."

The next night at Howard University, LaRouche representatives stated, "ADL is behind drugs, destruction of children, and AIDS," and promoted the cult's latest fantasies. According to an account in The Washington Jewish Week, the LaRouche followers baldly announced that the ADL had staged the recent massacre at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron via the Jewish Defense League, which the ADL supposedly operates as agents of assassination. A LaRouche speaker also provocatively asserted that the massacre is linked to "an ongoing attempt to assassinate" Louis Farrakhan. Muhammad said that he was "very proud to share the rostrum" with LaRouche representatives, who he praised as "kindred in spirit to those you find in the Nation of Islam."

Finally, on April 30, a "Stop the Attack" group composed of roughly 35 Nation of Islam members, LaRouche followers and Howard University students, and an apparent homeless man held a demonstration that floated from Capitol Hill to FBI headquarters, The Washington Post, and B'nai B'rith headquarters, winding up at the ADL's Washington, D.C. offices. Demonstrators asserted that the ADL is "a spy-and assassination network" responsible for keeping blacks from advancement, according to The Washington Times. Demonstrators chanted, "Hands off Farrakhan/Stop the attack/We know the ADL is anti-black." The demonstrators' tone was occasionally threatening. They said, 'We know you are trying to assassinate Farrakhan," and promised that if Farrakhan is "attacked," 'We will break every bone in your body. An eye for an eye, a death for a death." The Washington Times quoted a protester who promised, "You want to see assassinations, try touching...Farrakhan. Once you aggress upon us, you're going down." Some statements were also nakedly anti-Semitic. The demonstrator quoted by the Times yelled, "This is not an attack on Jews - it's an attack on the Anti-Defamation League...and the synagogues of Satan. ...You have too much control of the country."

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