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The Nation of Islam:
The Relentless Record of Hate
(March 1994 -- March 1995)

July 1, 1994: Interview with the Baltimore Jewish Times

White Control

"The problem has always been in the past that when we came up with ideas for our advancement, whites came up with the financing to bring our ideas to fruition. If there were certain things whites didn't like, they would be changed because they had the purse strings."

Message to Jews

"Meyer Lansky was not a nice person. Bugsy Siegel was not a nice person. But I wouldn't tell those raising money for Israel not to accept money from this man because he's involved in illegal [activities.] my point is even if my ideas are not proper from the Jewish point of view, why should you tell the members of my own family not to receive me? That's very arrogant. We, as a family, are trying to work out solutions to our problem, and I do have something to offer.

"Hell, if you don't want to give us your money...we'll fund the NAACP. And we'll work to punish corporations that pull away their money. After all, we as Muslims have a growing influence in America, and we've never used it to boycott one. ..Jewish enterprise. Don't threaten us. Because we can threaten too."

On Khalid Muhammad

"My desire was to curtail him [Khalid Muhammad] in terms of expression and language, but never to curtail any truth that he speaks."

Jews and the Slave Trade

"The reason my research focused on the Jews was that when I mentioned Jewish involvement, there was an outcry.... One of the faults we have with Jews is this: you are a very minuscule part of the population of America, but a very major part of the influence. What made you do that?... What do you know that makes you the powerful, influential, and well-living people that you are? And what don't we know that makes us the weak, ineffectual, powerless, degraded people that we are?"

July 26, 1994: Hartford, Connecticut

On Jews and Whites

"I'm not anti-Semitic, not a hater of Jews and whites; it's not your complexions or your faith that has messed up the world. It's the way you think."

"They [whites] are sick and their world has made us sick. I'm not dealing with well people. I'm dealing with sick people who have made us sick through a corrupt leadership."

"Why do you call white men 'The Man?' Because be has access to power, he has dominion, and he rules. So he has access to dominion even though [he's] not fit. Don't think raw knowledge and power is a trial for those who have it. When you have the power to deny others of rights...then the power you have makes you a devil."

"White men have been in control of black and Hispanic men."

"Whites made blacks call them 'massa.' Many whites still want blacks to call them 'massa.'

"Racism is a sickness. White people you are sick and have spread your disease to black folk."

"Rape of black women made us lighter so we believe we are better than our darker brothers. They put hate into us."

A White "Conspiracy"

"We are killing each other because an enemy put us at odds with each other."

"Because the juice [O.J. Simpson] did it better than anyone else they made a hero of him, so they could make money off him.... And now they sic a white woman on him because they don't want the money to go out of the family."

Economic Threats

"We want you to know white people, we know how to strike you in the pocketbook."

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