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The Nation of Islam:
The Relentless Record of Hate
(March 1994 -- March 1995)

March 19, 1995: Mosque Maryam, Chicago, Illinois

Jews, Whites and the Holocaust

"The international bankers have always wanted what they called a 'balance of power' in the world.... The Warburgs, the Rothschilds who financed Hitler. German Jews financed Hitler right here in America.... International bankers financed Hitler and poor Jews died while big Jews were at the root of what you call the Holocaust. Why don't you tell that one? Go back and tell your editors I want to put this in the paper tomorrow. You got a hell of a nerve to open your mouth to call me an and-Semite when your own people have been the worst and-Semites in the world. "

"Little Jews died while big Jews made money. Little Jews [were] being turned into soap while big Jews washed themselves with it. Jews were] playing violin, Jews [were] playing music, while other Jews [were] marching into the gas chambers. We wasn't there. We had nothing to do with it. But why all of a sudden am I anti-Semitic -- tell me!"

"How many of you were involved in the Holocaust, raise your hand. You see what I mean. We didn't kill one Jew. And if there were a Holocaust today, damn it, you wouldn't find most of these harming one hair on the head of a Jewish man, woman or child. So we were not involved there.... That was your white brother, Hitler. Aided by your white Jewish brother. Warburg and Rothschild, Lord Milner and Schiff, and Lube[phon] and Kuhn. It's your brothers. Hell, if they killed two million, one million, five million, six million, we didn't have nothing to do with it. The Pope -- that's your brother...that was your brother, your white brother. He looked the other way. But when it came to open...those camps, those death camps, the first man to open it, was a black man. Goddammit, how in the hell can you call us anti- Semitic in the face of your own damn evil to your people?... I'm angry as hell, and sometimes if I didn't cuss I'd kill."

Farrakhan's Jewish Conspiracy

"The international bankers from the House of Rothschild...sent their sons into five countries...and through manipulation and money...they gained control of the Bank of England, the Bank of France, the Bank of Italy, the Bank of Austria, and private concerns began to print money in Europe. The Rothschilds would finance both sides of all the European wars. They always wanted to get their hands on the Central Bank of America. And they finally did. On December 22, 1913, Congress passed into law the Federal Reserve Act."

"How did the rich make America's debt grow? The easiest way to get money is to start a war.... The moment the international bankers took control of the money by taking control of the Central Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, a war broke out in Europe and the British sent Lord Weissman to America to encourage America's involvement in the war. The Germans didn't start any war with America. Let's deal with the truth because your government is filled with liars and thieves and it's time now."

"1917. America gets into the war. At that time, $1 billion in debt. Now America got [sic] to borrow money to finance the war effort. Who's she borrowing from? Who's America in debt to?... After World War I was over...Max, Pelix and Paul Warburg, all three of them brothers, and Lord [Alfred] Milner, another financier of Hitler. They met representing their counties at the Paris Peace Conference.... When they go to war they...take territory from one, give it to come the international bankers again, financing both sides of the conflict."

"The root of communism and the root of capitalism is from the same group of people. They ['international bankers'] started both philosophies, they financed both philosophies, and when Russia was strong, they said, now we have a balance of power. Under Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, financed by wicked bankers, many of whom were Jews. Now look man, I'm going to stop right here. This old crap that you use called anti-Semitism, that's a smokescreen.... Are white people sacred? You're damn right they're not.... If white people have done evil to the darker people of the world and somebody points it out, does that mean I'm anti-white?... If I point out your evil, all of a sudden I'm a racist. You're just frightened of truth. You don't mind writing it in your books, but don't let one of your ex-slaves read your books and then read you."

"Let me read you something. This is on page 46 of this little book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by [Gary] Allen, which I'd like to get 10,000 copies of it, have everybody read it. If it's a lie, I didn't tell it, I'm just reading now."

"Did you hear my Saviour's Day lecture? Did you hear me condemn all Jews? [Crowd: "No!"] I condemned the wicked ones and they would be sometimes even more wicked because they got revelations.... Right after that, a full page ad in The New York Times. Taken out by whom? ADL...These are the watchdogs for the international bankers. They are the watchdogs for the secret government that manipulates presidents and Congress.... Almost all of your black congressmen are honorary citizens, members of the Knesset. Did you know that? Most senators, black and white, honorary members of the Knesset."

"The international bankers are waxing rich in this East-West struggle.... The arms race? Who did it enrich. The international bankers."

On Jews and the Slave Trade

"How did I get to be an anti-Semite.... What have I done? I told the truth about Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Your own writers say the same thing. Well, if they're not anti-Semitic for writing it, how the hell am I anti-Semitic for reading what they wrote and then saying it?... I didn't write your history, you wrote it. And then the sad thing, when you confront them with what their scholars have said, they say, 'Well is this part of the old conspiracy talk?'"

On Homosexuals

"You have become swine. You love filth. Homosexuality growing so, so now you can't even have a slumber party, because little girls are having sex with little girls and little boys are having sex with little boys. And it's alright to you now."

"When I was coming along, if you were a homosexual, you had to hide it, because that was unacceptable behavior.... Homosexuality has to be looked at. Pastors, you don't want to talk about it anymore. Why? Because many pastors are homosexuals.

"The Holy Koran refers to homosexuality as an abomination, meaning it is so utterly loathsome in the sight of God.... I hope I ain't hurting no feelings."

Jews and Hollywood

"I want to say to those who are Jews. You want us to take your own to task. That's why when Farrakhan speaks, you go to every black leader you can and you say to them, isn't there something you can say about Farrakhan? Well, I'm asking you isn't there something you can say about them damn freaks in Hollywood? Your own kin...that claim to be Jews."

"You want black people to attack me because you say I'm a racist. But Jews won't lift your voice against your own brothers who are making themselves wealthy off of the weakness and the ignorance of the people. Why don't you call Hugh Hefner into question? Why don't you call David Geffen into question?... Where is the guts in the Jewish community? Where is the righteousness in the community that you won't even condemn your own criminals? Meyer Lansky."

Threatening Jews

"Now there's a new Israel. You may not want to believe it, but the God that I represent is the same God you read about in the Old Testament.... The Israel that it's talking about is the Nation of Islam in the West...l know you're plotting against us [Jews], but I want to tell you what my God is poised to do for you.... I want you to look at the national calamities that our God will bring against his evil nation."

"Master Farad Muhammad...He is the God of Israel...Our God can't wait for you to make your move.... He dares you to touch me. Come on, if you want to die.... All of these wicked ones who have given Judaism a bad name, they are the members of the synagogue of Satan.... I warn you in the name of Allah, leave us alone. Your time is just about up."

The following excerpts are from speeches delivered in the last year by Louis Farrakhan's former national assistant, Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Portions of an obsessively anti- Semitic, racist, anti-Catholic and homophobic speech delivered by Muhammad at New Jersey's Kean College were published by ADL in January 1994 in a full-page New York limes advertisement. Exposure of Muhammad's bigotry brought forth a wave of condemnation from blacks and whites, public and private. Shortly, thereafter, Louis Farrakhan publicly dismissed Khalid Muhammad from his position in the Nation of Islam, but allowed him to remain a member of the group. Since that time, Muhammad has not backed down. Instead, he has repeatedly reaffirmed his belief in the "truth" of his poisonous Kean College message, and has sharpened his attacks on peoples of all color and creed. The crude, unrestrained remarks that follow make this clear.

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