The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Nation of Islam:
The Relentless Record of Hate
(March 1994 -- March 1995)

March 23, 1994: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Threats to Whites and Jews

"To the whites and 'white Jews' in the audience, I say: It's gonna be a rough ride, buddy.... Buckle your seat belts...because I didn't come to pin the tail on the donkey, I came to pin the tail on the honkey."

"I'm going to go buck wild on a pit bull on your Jew backside."

"Don't hide tonight, rabbi. Come up front and we'll run your raggedy behind out of here with the truth."

"Bring me your rabbis and I'll strip your butts naked. "

March 29, 1994: Friendship Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York

Politicians in the Black Community

"When it's time to speak out these negroes don't speak out. When the rugged Rabbi Dr. Goldberg or Goldstein or Gold something went into the mosque and killed them in cold blood and they're fleeing the mosque, the no-good so-called Israeli soldiers opened fire on them and mowed them down in the street. An old raggedy rabbi said at the eulogy that all of the Arabs mixed together are not worth one fingernail of one Jew. Where was Reverend Jackson? Where was Kweisi Mfume? Where were the negroes from the NAACP? Where were these boot- licking negroes?"

"Kill our baby here in Crown Heights and then the old no good damn Jew goes to Israel. No cry of moral outrage. If one of us had done that Jesse Jackson would have been the first to repudiate and all the negroes would have jumped on his bandwagon."

Questioning the Holocaust

"Tell us you lost six million. Historians, scholars, scientist, they went to some of the death wasn't six million, it wasn't five million, it wasn't four million, it wasn't even three million.... Some of them say we'd be hard-pressed to get one and a half million."

"Everybody talks about what Hitler did to you. What did you do to Hitler?...What made that man so mad at you?"

Reports on the six million Jews killed by Nazis were "bloated, exaggerated, probably fabricated."

Claims of Jewish Control

"You wonder why I call it Jew-nited Nations...Jew York City...Jew-niversity. Because you control it."

Threats of Violence

"I want to be one of the flame-throwers of God, break white folks' backs. I want to give you hell all the way to your graves. I ain't scared to die and I'm ready to kill."

April 1, 1994: Fort Worth, Texas

Addressing Jews

"Our holocaust is much worse.... We're still in our ghettos. The Jews are out from under Hitler's yoke. We're still here."

"I don't know all Jews. If you can introduce me to some good Jews and find a good Jew that is not a bloodsucker, I would be happy to meet them."

"Why don't you understand us Jew? Because you don't want to understand us. We are the chosen people of God."

Threats of Violence

To protesters outside: "You're lucky you just got words out of me and I didn't give you the bum's rush and black-boot stomp the hell out of you."

On Whites

Throughout the speech, Muhammad referred to whites as "devils."

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