The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Nation of Islam:
The Relentless Record of Hate
(March 1994 -- March 1995)

April 19, 1994: Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Comparative Suffering, Trivializing the Holocaust

"You [Jews] talk about the death marches. What about the death marches in Africa? You said that by the summer [of 1937] there were over 400 ghettos. We, the sons and daughters of Africa, are still in the ghettos."

"We set forth here tonight that the black holocaust was 100 times worse than the so-called Jew Holocaust."

"You say you lost six million. We question that. But for the sake of argument we'll give you that. We lost 600 million."

"`Schindler's List' is really a 'Swindler's List'"

"You make me sick--always got some old, crinkly, wrinkled cracker that you bring up, saying 'this is one of the Holocaust victims.' God damn it! I'm looking at a whole audience of Holocaust victims."

"The Holocaust lasted 10 years; ours lasted 500. How can you compare, buddy? You are so arrogant."

On Whites and Jews

"I am going to be like a pit bull. That is the way I'm going to be against the Jews. I am going to bite the tail of the honkies."

"I love Colin Ferguson, who killed all those white folks on the Long Island train. God spoke to Colin Ferguson and said, 'catch the train, Colin, catch the train.'"

May 3, 1994: Harlem, New York

On the Pope

"The Pope is not the vicar of Christ. The Pope is a representative of the Anti-Christ."

May 12, 1994: NBC's "Donahue"

On Whites

"There is a little bit of Hitler in all white people."

May 13, 1994: Oakland, California

On Black Politicians

"We don't want no butt-licking, butt-poking negro politicians with a slavery mentality."

On Whites

"The problem in Oakland isn't with the crack, but with the cracker."

"White folks, we're in serious trouble. You've got nowhere to hide. I'm gonna be as a pit bull dog and lock my jaws on your backside and only Louis Farrakhan has the keys to unlock it."

On Homosexuals

"Those brothers who don't got a white girl on their elbow, got a white boy. We got some Ex-Lax to get it of your system."

"I hate a black man who acts like a white man. But what's worse than that is a black man who acts like a black woman."

Denigrating the Holocaust

"Your Holocaust is indeed the worst holocaust ever filmed. You say you lost 6 million. We lost over 600 million over the past 6,000 years. Ours is one hundred times greater. They want a special corner on suffering even."

"Jews have gotten over $100 billion in reparations, but you won't apologize.... You make me sick talking about Holocaust survivors."

On South Africa

"Mandela sold us out.... Mandela's the biggest clown in the big top.... I say give 'em [whites] 24 hours to get out of town. If they don't, kill everyone white in sight. Kill the men, kill the women, kill the children, kill the blind, kill the crippled. God damn it, kill them all."

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