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The Nation of Islam:
The Relentless Record of Hate
(March 1994 -- March 1995)

The Final Call

The following are excerpts from the Nation of Islam's bi- weekly publication, The Final Call. The paper often promulgates anti-white and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, many of which are, ironically, co-opted from the rhetoric of white supremacists.

Columnist Abdul Allah Muhammad, in his column,
"Eleven Fifty Five, " March 30, 1994:

"The vicious attack being mounted against us [NOI] is the result of the realization by a wicked Jewish cabal which seeks to solidify its world rule, that not only are they unable to make Minister Farrakhan and his followers dance to their tune, but the Black leaders they once controlled are slipping from their grasp."

James Muhammad, Final Call editor, in his column,
"Up Periscope," January 25, 1995:

"Mossad and the ADL are kissing cousins who are only out for their selfish personal interests and do not care about the welfare of United States citizens."

James Muhammad, March 30, 1994:

"If it weren't for the Jews and their control and manipulation of the media, a good man's message of uplift to Black and oppressed people would be free of the false charges of anti-Semitism and hate. I'm referring to Minister Louis Farrakhan and his message."

Abdul Allah Muhammad, April 13, 1994:

"It is the height of duplicity for Jews to deny to the general public that they control every institution which affects life in America, while bragging to each other that the 'conspiracy theories' are not theories at all, but that the conspiracy is an absolute fact."

"I hope nobody wastes my time and effort to try to tell me that there are some 'good Jews.' The law of averages says there probably are. God even managed to get three people out of Sodom. "

Reporter Cedric X Welch, April 27, 1994:

"[Jews] have dominated the original people of the planet earth and are planning to unite the the world under one currency and one world order."

"The activities of the Masons were controlled by a certain secret society comprised of Jewish members and these Jews were the instigators of the periodic revolutions that threw the world into convulsions."

Reporter Jerome Jackson, May 25, 1994:

"The political rise of Nelson Mandela is a smokescreen for the economic rape committed by Jewish financial powers well- entrenched in South Africa.

James Muhammad, November 16, 1994:

"The fact that white people once lived on the level of beasts underscores their humble beginning. As they were blessed to advance to now dominate the peoples of the planet, however, they've lost their humility."

The Rhetoric of Farrakhan's Other Representatives:

Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad, Nation of Islam Chief of Staff

At an April 1994 press conference held after NOI filed a suit against the New York Post for $4.4 billion:

"We are making a legal response to the Jewish controlled media and those reporters that we believe have unfairly, inappropriately and illegally associated the name of Minister Louis Farrakhan with the death of Malcolm X."

January 23, 1995, reacting to Senator Bob Dole's demand that HUD investigate NOI Security's housing contracts:

"I don't care if people call me paranoid but I see a well- orchestrated pattern of attack on the Nation of Islam."

Conrad Muhammad, Minister of New York's Mosque No. 7
April 19, 1994 at Boston University:

On Jewish Organizations

"It is the Jewish leadership--those like Abraham Foxman and others--who actually are not representing the best interests of the Jewish community, because they're squandering time and resources focusing on phantom anti-Semitism in the black community, leaving the flanks of the Jewish community exposed to true anti-Semitism that exists in this society."

"I don't think that the American media is creating this controversy [between blacks and Jews].... It is organizations like the ADL and others that prevail upon the media to keep this thing going."

In an interview with New York magazine October 24, 1994:

Alleging Jewish Control

"The thing about the Jews is, you have great intellectual talents and you are very skilled at grafting yourself onto natural talent, but you don't have a lot of it yourself.... Look at the way the Jews exploit all of our singers and athletes."

Abdul Alim Muhammad, Nation of Islam Health Minister
February 24, 1994 at University of Wisconsin-Madison:

On Whites

"All of you whites don't have nothing to fear from AIDS. If AIDS kills the niggers, well you whites would think that was pretty good."

"Seventy percent of black high school students in Washington drop out. Of the black students that do graduate, 60 percent are functionally illiterate...that is the [educational] policy that they whites] use to keep you ignorant. So they can use you for their tool."

"Caucasian means a pale face and weak bones. They [whites] are divinely given power to rule for now. But what drives them is death. And that's what's going to happen to everyone on earth. Their rule is the power to kill."

"Why would you kill, white race? It is to preserve your whiteness. We didn't invent segregation, did we?... We didn't invent apartheid. These are systems to keep white people apart from black people. "

"[Whites] kill men, women and children all over the earth, reducing the world population down by approximately a billion people.... Because you come out of Europe and start slaughtering the original inhabitants of that European people. You converted to Judaism a little over 1,200 years ago, and NOW you're masquerading as though you are the original Jews.... How could you be a chosen people; you just ordinary white folk.

The "AIDS Plot"

Muhammad also said there is "enough evidence" that AIDS is a man-made disease being used by the U.S. government against blacks.

Harold Muhammad, Minister of New Orleans Mosque
Interview with the Times Picayune April 11, 1994:

On Jews

"Jews claim that they're the chosen people of God.... We've scanned the globe; we can't find any other people who fit the biblical description of God's chosen people other than us. So therefore there's some lying going on, and Minister Farrakhan challenges that as a man of God. And it angers the Jewish community that someone would have the audacity to challenge their claim to being God's chosen people, which has been historically unchallenged before."

Interview with the Louisiana Weekly, May 7, 1994:

"Jews use us as cannon fodder. I'm going to say the truth...Lets look at the Jewish/Black |relationship. They are the landlords, we are the tenants. We're the artists, we are the talent when you look into the sports arena. They are the managers, the owners. We access them as bankers, lawyers, CPAs--they control our talents.... They control the media.... We're not vocal, we need ; to be vocal. The Jews make up six percent of the population in this country. They are much more vocal than we are." l

Eric Muhammad, leader of the Brooklyn-based
Black African Holocaust Council, and member of NOI
Interview with the Daily Challenge, December 12, 1994:

Comparative Suffering

"We [the Council] represent the disenfranchised and the downtrodden because we believe that no has truly had a Holocaust but us. No one has suffered as much; no one has been robbed of name, language, God, religion and culture as us. They [the Jews] use the word Holocaust because it's profitable to them but it is not real."

On Whites

"I am a black separatist. I firmly believe that it's impossible for black and white to co-exist peacefully. It's not in the nature of white people."

DOD Muhammad, Minister of Boston Mosque
On an October 1994 segment of his weekly radio program:

The Hamitic Myth

"There is hardly anyone in this listening audience who doesn't know that the connection of slavery and blacks being suited for slavery because they were inferior is tied to the Hamitic myth of blacks. And it was the Rabbis who had created the Hamitic myth of blacks being inferior."

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