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Paranoia as Patriotism:
Far-Right Influences on the Militia Movement

Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr
and the Christian Patriots Defense League

Gordon "Jack" Mohr, a retired U.S. Army colonel, heads the Citizens Emergency Defense System (CEDS), a militant civilian "defense" group restricted to white Christians. CEDS, based in Mohr's home town of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, has been closely associated with John Harrell's Illinois-based Christian Patriots Defense League (CPDL), an anti-Semitic survivalist group which has been involved in paramilitary activity and "martial arts" training.

Exploiting Christian terminology for his own extremist purposes, Mohr has described CPDL as "made up primarily of Christians and/or Patriots, who see what is happening in our government and are preparing for difficult times we believe are ahead." Mohr has described himself as an evangelist as well as an author and lecturer. For many years he has stridently promoted anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and white supremacy, as a leader of the "Identity Church" movement. ("Identity" is a pseudo-theological hate movement which holds that white Anglo-Saxons are the Biblical "chosen people" and that non-whites are "mud people.")

In the summer of 1982, Mohn participated in a CPDL-CEDS "festival" and was listed as "National Director of Plans and Training" and "National Director of Defense Coordinators," among other titles, in the gatherings "Guide Book." Others attending the meeting were the late William P. Gale, an anti-Semite who later helped found the Committee of the States, and the late Robert Miles of Michigan, an ardent racist and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon.

The March 1984 issue of "Faith for the Family," an evangelically oriented periodical, published an article titled "Apostles of Darkness," which criticized groups promoting a "gospel of racial superiority [that] twist the scriptures and pervert the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ." The article pointed out that at the CPDL's annual Freedom Festivals, "Special Weapons Attack Training (SWAT), knife fighting, hand-to-hand combat, homemade explosives, combat patrols, and 'streetsweeper shotgun' [sic] are among the subjects taught."

Other extremist group gatherings in which Mohn participated include the 1988 Aryan World Congress and a 1988 "Freedom Festival" in Licking, Missouri, where classes were offered in "survival techniques for the times of crisis...."

Mohr has also written books and pamphlets and has produced videos espousing his anti-Semitic ideology. These materials are often advertised in extremist publications. The Great Conspiracy, for example, is a 60-page book covering "the Talmudic conspiracy to rule the world."

Over the years, Mohn has participated in many extremist activities in addition to writing and publishing hate materials. He has been involved in the prison ministry of Crusade For Christ and Country, a program promoted in The Christian Patriot Crusader, as designed to involve incarcerated Identity members in the CPDL and to offer them support and spiritual "guidance."

The August 1990 "Christian Vanguard Newsletter" (published by anti-Semite James K. Warner's Louisiana-based New Christian Crusade Church) reported that Mohr attended a June 1990 Identity "camp" meeting. Warner disclosed to his readers: "Brother Jack Mohr informed those attending that this was to be his last appearance at camp - due to his health - He is not giving up the fight; he will continue to put out tracts, books and tapes on conspiracy and Bible truths from his Bay St. Louis, Mississippi home...." (Anti-Defamation League, 24-25)

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