The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Skinhead International:
A Worldwide Survey of Neo-Nazi Skinheads

Anti-Defamation League
823 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

Disclaimer: not all skinheads are neo-nazis or white supremacists. There are many skinheads who are non- or anti-racist, and who come from a variety of different religious and cultural backgrounds. Nizkor recognizes their achievements in anti-racism: they are part of the traditional, non-racist skinhead subculture and are not the perpetrators of the hate crimes discussed here.

Unless otherwise specified, the word "skinhead" within these pages, as noted by the authors themselves, refers only to neo-Nazi and white supremacist skinheads, the perpetrators of hate crimes and participants in racist organizations.

[For information about Skinhead culture, see the Skinhead FAQ.]

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