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1994 ARA News Bulletin

On The Prowl - News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

Number Two - January/February/March 1994 [Part V]


ANTI-FASCIST iNFO (AFi) is a collective of predominantly people of colour in Vancouver, some currently defendants on charges arising from anti-fascist demonstrations, with the aim of gathering and distributing information on the extreme right in Canada. They are producing and distributing a range of material including pamphlets and posters.

"We see anti-fascism as a protracted struggle with no clear victory or conclusion, until there are fundamental changes in the white supremacist world order. Institutionalized racism and the oppression of Third World peoples globally, creates a climate that inherently breeds racists. At the same time, we have witnessed the explosive rise of fascism in Europe, and are determined to prevent it from developing into a mass movement here."

Contributions and support can be sent to...ANTI-FASCIST iNFO, Box 35, 1744 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5N 2S3


16) Liberty Net Gets Snagged Again!

Vancouver's high-profile fascist Tony McAleer, connected to the Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM), Aryan Nations, and White Aryan Resistance (WAR), last year sponsored an attempt to bring WAR's Tom Metzger from the US on a Canadian speaking tour. Vancouver anti- racists succeeded in shutting this venture down on the evening of January 22/93.

Now, exactly a year later, McAleer is under fire for his activities which focus around the "Canadian Liberty Net", a telephone hateline which is the central propaganda and recruiting tool of Vancouver-area fascists.

A federal human rights tribunal has ordered McAleer and his associates "anywhere in Canada" to cease distributing hatred and contempt telephonically, following a message which said the ancient Celts had "not such a bad idea" when they used to "take queers and trample them into peat bogs."

McAleer is being represented by Doug Cristie, a fascist lawyer who has represented the likes of Ernst Zundel, in this, the second run-in with the courts "Liberty-Net" has faced. Remember...three strikes and you're out, racist scum!


17) Great White North? Take Off!!

ON THE PROWL would like to make this section of the bulletin a regular feature in documenting the current struggles against racism and fascism in Canada. If you are active in anti-fascist organizing outside of Toronto, drop us a line and let us know what's up. Also, we are always in need of a steady flow of newspaper clippings on far-right activity in other cities.

If you aren't necessarily a member of any group, but have information on fascist activity in your neck of the woods, drop us a line at: ON THE PROWL, PO Box 664, Stn C, Toronto, Ontario M6J 3S1 (All information treated in strictest confidence.)

* Setting A Precedent In Kitchener-Waterloo

On Saturday February 12, anti-fascist youth in Kitchener- Waterloo (K-W) marched through the streets to demonstrate at city hall against racism and fascism. En route the demonstration targeted the European Sound Import store on King St., nazi-owned property used as meeting space for the Heritage Front and location where holocaust-denier David Irving attempted to speak last fall. Eggs were thrown at the shopfront and the windows were plastered with anti-racist stickers.

The demo was called by K-W's Anti-Racist Group (ARG) to bring attention to the rise in racist and fascist attacks in the city. An anti-racist activist's home had been fire-bombed by fascists twice, a Jewish shopowner was assaulted by nazis, and attacks on people of colour by the police. Incidents such as these have fallen on the deaf ears of a community which has chosen to sweep them under the carpet. So once again, the impetus has come from the youth to fight alongside those who are resisting the attacks.

Toronto anti-fascists extend full support to the actions of groups like ARG.

In Toronto, ARA has made life very difficult for fascists, so scumbags like the Heritage Front retreat to smaller towns like K-W to recruit in the high schools. This is countered by the efforts of grassroots anti-racist organizing that sets a precedent on the streets and in the highschools. Fascists will not be tolerated in the community! To contact ARG, write: 170 University Ave West, Suite 12 Box 133, Waterloo, Ont. N2L 3E9

* Racist Graffiti

In Oakville, spray-painted swastikas and neo-nazi slogans appeared on the outer walls and three portable classrooms at White Oaks Secondary School. Nazi graffiti was also found in an elevator at the Medical Sciences Building of the University of Toronto. Anti-racist students everywhere can combat the spread of neo-nazi spray-painting and propaganda in their own schools by tearing down nazi-posters and replacing their racist, sexist and homophobic filth with anti-racist posters, etc. Be creative!

Write to ON THE PROWL with any information about neo-nazi activity in YOUR school (All information treated in strictest confidence) and ask for a package of anti-racist posters and stickers to get you started. We would also like to print statements and reports from local highschool groups who are active against racism and fascism within their schools and neighborhoods.

* Fighting Fascism In The Capital!

Ottawa Anti-Racist Action seems to be off to a good start on its monumental task of squashing the fascists in the nation's capital. They have just released the first issue of an anti-racist newsletter, and they can be reached for general information at P.O. Box 4721, Station E, Ottawa, K1S 5H9.

* Nazis Off Campus

On March 30/94, three-hundred students and anti-racists demonstrated at Queens University in Kingston against a neo-Nazi presence on campus. One particular fascist has been responsible for a rash of neo-Nazi posters and an attempt to sue an anti- sexist/racist student newspaper.

* Fascist Sues B.C. Anti-Racist Organizer

David Lethbridge, director of B.C's Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism (SACAR), has become the target of a lawsuit for "defamation of character," launched by Eileen Pressler. Pressler is the head of Salmon Arm's Council on Public Affairs, a right-wing organization which reproduces pro-fascist, holocaust denial, anti- Semitic and racist materials in its monthly Council on Public Affairs Digest which claims to have a circulation of 12,000.

SACAR has been committed to exposing key links in the international far-right movements existing in the Okanagan region, organizing demos and conferences, disseminating information and bringing attention to fascist activity that has been largely downplayed by the mass media. It seems they have been successful to some degree in light of a lawsuit which seems to be aimed at shutting down SACAR's public campaigning.

Pressler's lawyer, Doug Christie, is well-known for representing the KKK in Manitoba, the Canadian Liberty Net for its racist hateline, Rudy Stanko of the paramilitary fascist Church of the Creator, nazi propagandist Ernst Zundel, anti-Semitic teachers Jim Keegstra and Malcolm Ross, and others.

If this lawsuit is successful, it could mark the beginning of a series of similar moves against the anti-racist movement, aimed at discrediting and hindering anti-racist work on the whole. SACAR is appealing for support, especially for contributions to its legal defence fund. Donations can be sent to: SACAR DEFENCE, 3521 20 Ave. NE, Salmon Arm, B.C., V1E 4M4

(condensed from People's Voice, Feb.94)

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