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1994 ARA News Bulletin

On The Prowl - News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

Number Two - January/February/March 1994


1) Zundel's Gotta Go!!

The Trials

On November 24, 1993, four prominent organizers for the Heritage Front appeared in court on two separate hate crime charges; Elisse Hategan stood trial on hate-literature charges while Gary Schipper, Ken Barker, and Wolfgang Droege were tried on contempt charges for their refusal to cease broadcasting hate on the Heritage Front "Anti-Immigration Hotline".

These trials marked the first hate-crimes cases in Toronto since those of neo- Nazi/holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel; court cases which failed to make any inroads against his propaganda machine and instead provided him with a platform of debate.

While the courts made it look as if they were making efforts against neo-Nazi propagandists with these four 'minor' examples, the biggest hatemonger of all, Zundel, was still operating with impunity only a few blocks away.

ARA's Response

ARA was not about to allow these trials to proceed without a 'watchful anti-racist presence', but the importance of defining Ernst Zundel as a necessary target was well understood.

Keeping these variables in mind, ARA called for a rally at city hall to prevent any possible show of fascist support for the Heritage Front members in court.

From there, the demonstration would march to Zundel's production and distribution hatequarters at 206 Carlton Street. On the day, as anticipated there were no sign of the nazis at the courthouse so about 150 anti-racists proceeded to the targeted location.

The Police Counter-Response

Upon reaching Zundel's plastic-wrapped hatequarters, it was evident that the police sought to criminalize ARA demonstrators. Over 300 officers on foot including the Public Order Unit, Emergency Task Force, and upwards of twenty undercover cops were on the scene, surrounding the entire crowd of anti-racists.

Following a few speeches and several paint and egg assaults on Zundel's house, the police moved in, brutalizing protestors and breaking up the crowd. Several ARA activists and supporters were arrested, including a reporter from a community radio station.

Clearly, such an unprovoked assault was a display of 'revenge tactics' on behalf of the cops who were pathetically outnumbered and outwitted at the June 11 ARA demo at Gary Schipper's house.

Another point of interest was that Zundel's own security was absent, in contrast to June 11 when fifty-odd boneheads were on the scene brandishing baseball bats. This time around, Zundel somehow got rewarded with a massive show of police protection for which Metro spent an estimated $200,000!! This gives some idea as to how far the Canadian state will go to defend and harbour this nazi propagandist.

Shutting Zundel Down Once and For All!

Zundel is a key spider in the web of international fascism, his role being that of supplying a massive amount of nazi- propaganda to the neo-nazi movement at home and abroad, particularly to Germany where it is illegal to print and produce such material.

ARA has set the groundwork for a renewed campaign against Zundel. This campaign will require the support and involvement of the entire community, as well as international anti- fascists, in a broad and diverse movement encompassing a variety of tactics, and clearly not based solely on decisions by the state's courts.

For those who are concerned about the rise of fascism in Europe and its implications in Canada, the best kind of solidarity we can offer at the present time is working to shut Zundel down. No platform and zero tolerance!

To find out more about the campaign against Ernst Zundel, write to ARA for an info-package (see back cover) and further information on how to get involved!

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