The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

Ethnocultural Groups
The Justice System in Canada
A Review of the Issues

Appendix A
Law Reform Commission of Canada Papers
Multiculturalism and Justice

TITLE [AUTHOR (where indicated)]

Background Consultation Document

Access to Justice and Equality of Treatment [Jean-Paul Brodeur]

Access to Remedies


Canada Evidence Act and Multicultural Issues [David Pomerant]


The Criminal Code of Canada: A Review Based on
The Minister's Reference [H. Archibald Kaiser]

Criminal Law Issues Involving
Religion and Conscience [Kazi Hamid]

Criminal Law and Religion and Cultural Minorities [Alan Young and Marc Gold]

Cross-Cultural Training, Increased Hiring of Minorities, and
Community Liaison

Crown Prosecution Service

Culturally-Based Conflicts with Statutory Criminal Law

Demographics of Ethnic Groups in Canada

Equal Access to Justice, Equitable Treatment, and Respect

Ethnic Data Collection [Kazi Hamid]

Jury Selection and Multicultural Issues [David Pomerant]

Are Minorities Over-Represented in the Criminal Justice System?

Language of Accused and Multicultural Issues [David Pomerant]

Minority Women and the Justice System [Kazi Hamid]

Minority Youth

A Multicultural Criminal Justice Advisory Council


Provincial Law Society Disciplinary Proceedings [Kazi Hamid]

Racism in Canada [Kazi Hamid]

A Note on Racism [Kazi Hamid]

Response to the Comments of the Commission:
The Minister's Reference on Visible Minorities and Multuralism
[Jean-Paul Brodeur]


Statutory Comparison of Provincial Judicial Council
Disciplinary Hearing Procedures [Kazi Hamid]

Statutory Criminal Law

Visible Minorities and Access to Justice [Raj Anand]

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