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The Libyan Connection

An alliance between White racists and an Arab leader seems a strange confederation. However, according to Warren Kinsella in his book Unholy Alliances, Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi has forged alliances with both extremist right-wing and left-wing groups from Europe, the United States, and Canada. These groups include the PLO, the IRA, the Nation of Islam, the American Indian Movement, and members of Don Andrews' Nationalist Party of Canada. While their political beliefs often clash, many of Qadhafi's extremist associates subscribe to the basic tenets of anti-Semitism. These include virulent opposition to the existence of the State of Israel, a belief in an international Jewish conspiracy, and a skepticism regarding, if not an outright denial of, the Holocaust.

Because of the Nationalist Party's positive stance toward the Arab world, in 1987 some Nationalist Party members were invited to a 4-day "peace conference" in Tripoli, organized by Qadhafi. The NPOC received a grant from Qadhafi at that time. In September 1989, 16 Nationalist Party members, (including Nicola Polinuk and Wolfgang Droege, as well as two other present Heritage Front members, James Dawson and Peter Mitrevski) were invited to a celebration marking Qadhafi's 20-year reign. The idea for the formation of the Heritage Front apparently came about on this trip. According to one source, Droege himself has been part of 4 trips to Libya since 1987. In Unholy Alliances, Don Andrews was quoted as saying that the Libyans paid for the Nationalist Party's plane tickets, feasted them while in Libya, and has given the Party small interest-free loans.

While it would appear strange that Muammar Qadhafi would enlist the support of White supremacists and neo-Nazis, upon further examination, the reasoning becomes clear. For a modest amount of money, members of far-right groups can be used as willing mercenaries who will fight for Qadhafi's Third Position, an ideology which is anti-capitalist, anti-communist, and anti- lsrael. Qadhafi also strongly believes in separating the races of the world, a stance which has been taken by many White supremacist groups, including Droege's. In a January 1988 speech to members of the American Indian Movement, Qadhafi spoke of the creation of separate "states" in North America for different races. This idea of segregation, along with the anti-capitalist, anti-communist, anti-lsrael Third Position stance, is far from alien to the Heritage Front. The possibility of a link between Qadhafi and Droege, and thus between Libya and the Heritage Front, should not be underplayed.

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