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Edwin Black

"There has been a long-time need for scholars and journalists to take a hard, detailed, and fair look at the relationship between American corporations and the Nazis. Edwin Black has done this for one major American corporation--IBM. Piece of evidence by piece of evidence, Black pulls together information from disparate archival sources to weave his story of the Nazis relying on IBM to assist them in a variety of ways, including implementing the Final Solution. The story is both fascinating and frightening and raises questions about corporate profits at the expense of moral decision-making. One would hope this book will serve as a reminder to American corporations that they constantly need to be on guard against directly or indirectly supporting dictators and totalitarian regimes. The book also helps us better understand the mechanics of the Holocaust and reminds us the machinery of death oftentimes involves machinery itself."
(Dr. Greg Bradsher, Holocaust-Era Assets expert; author of Managing Archives and Archival Institutions)

  • IBM and the Holocaust - Selected Commentary
  • IBM and the Holocaust - Introduction
  • The Transfer Agreement - Edwin Black's compelling, award-winning story of a negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer some 50,000 Jews, and $100 million of their assets, to Jewish Palestine in exchange for stopping the worldwide Jewish-led boycott threatening to topple the Hitler regime in its first year.

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