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Jerome Brentar
Letter to Hubert Pfoch

St. Raphael's Association
911 East 185th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44119
Phone: 692-1700

Service for Persons While Traveling

18 June 1984

Galizienstrasse 77/Stg. 2
A-1160 W i e n

Dear Mr. Pfoch:

I have received your name and address from someone among your circle of acquaintances, the Association of War Veterans.

Since during the war you served at Treblinka, the prison camp in Poland, I would like to request your assistance. Simon Wiesenthal and his cohorts, the OSI (District Attorney for the Jewish-led Nazi Hunting for the Ministry of Justice) has here in Cleveland selected the Ukrainian immigrant Iwan Demjanjuk and has accused him of being "Iwan the Terrible", who was in the Treblinka camp during the time from 1942 until 1943. With the aid of a forged identity paper, manufactured by the KGB in Moscow, and with the assistance of five lying witnesses from Israel, this poor human being faces extradition to Israel, where he then will be exposed to an Eichmann-like court proceeding and in the end he will face death. We have succeeded in proving that the Soviet identity paper is a forgery and that, to a certain extent, the witnesses also lied; but all this is very difficult because the Jews here are comparable to the KGB in the Soviet Union.

Enclosed I am forwarding to you a photostatic copy of this identity paper of Mr. Demjanjuk.

I have been told that you even possess a photograph album dealing with your period of duty at Treblinka. Perhaps it contains a photograph of the real "Iwan".

In January I was at Treblinka and the adjacent villages Poniatowa and Walka and there talked to Poles who at the time in question were in Treblinka and who saw the real "Iwan" who was a much older man with a full shock of hair, already somewhat grey. The Jews blocked the visit or these people to the USA to prevent them from testifying on behalf or Mr. Demjanjuk.

I also visited Mr. Kurt Franz, the former SS-Untersturmführer (NCO) at Treblinka, who commanded the Ukrainian guards, and he also described "Iwan" very similarly as the three witnesses living in Poland. I am forwarding to you a photostatic copy of the statement in lieu of an oath which Mr. Franz gave in front of his attorney.

With your permisssion, I would even personally come to Vienna in order to talk to you, because I am making every effort in order to help this poor human being as much as possible, and I want to thank you even now in advance for everything that you may be able to do in order to assist me in this matter.

With kind regards
s/ J. A. Brentar

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