The Nizkor Project

50 Years of Silence

History and Voices
of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria


Working on this book was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. During every stage of my work, I have felt a guiding energy, which constantly drew resources and creative energy to the process. Since I am neither a professional writer nor a history researcher, I could not have accomplished this project without that guidance. I feel blessed and I am deeply grateful for having had this enlightening experience.

The completion of this volume would not have been possible without the assistance of many devoted friends. I am extremely fortunate to have had their continuous encouragement and their unwavering faith in my ability to complete this heartrending project. I will always be grateful for their steadfast support.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the survivors whose testimonies are included in the book. Many of them have never shared their traumatic experiences, not even with their spouses or children, before they prepared them for this book. I am deeply grateful for their courage to face their tragic experiences, and for their willingness to help me unveil this gruesome and little known chapter of the Holocaust.

My sincerest appreciation goes to all those who have so diligently contributed to the difficult process of bringing to light the first (printed) edition of this self-published book.

For assistance and support in preparing the revised electronic edition, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the following:

  • To my husband, Bill, for his continuous support and understanding, when I became totally immersed in this very exacting and heartrending work. He has graciously provided assistance for the printed and electronic editions with research, proofreading editing, and housework.

  • Dr. Fern Waterman, who organised a support group and financed professional consultations to assist in the process of revising the resources for this updated edition of the book.

  • To Mr.Sorin Finchelstein, whose enthusiastic and competent input has significantly raised the documentary and stylistic level of the book. His expertise in the area of military/legal/administrative terminology was crucial in the accurate and thorough translation of the Romanian documents into English. Mr. Finchelstein's meticulous assistance throughout the process of editing was invaluable. He dedicates his work on this book to the memory of his father, Froiche Finchelstein, a survivor of the Vapniarca camp in Transnistria

  • To Mr. Florin Neumann, for helping with important historical information, which he had researched himself.

  • To Mr. Kenneth McVay, who graciously donated his time for a variety of consultations, and provided his expertise in making this book available on the internet. This project is under the auspices of The League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada.

    Without the co-operation of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre in Jerusalem, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Holocaust Centre of Toronto this project could not have been brought to light.

    Others who have graciously donated time, skills and resources are: Hatem Zarrouk, Ramona Carmelly, Richard Fine, Pnina Zilberman, Bernard (Mel) Katz, Dr. Mark Mandelcorn, Dr. Berenice Secter Mandelcorn, Shlomo David, Eli Spetgang, Bella Azar, and many others.

    Without the financial support of my family and friends, the publication of this book would have been considerably delayed. I am deeply thankful to all those who have lent a much needed helping hand.

    Dr. Felicia (Steigman) Carmelly

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