The Nizkor Project

50 Years of Silence

History and Voices
of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria

Donors' Honour Roll

List of donors who contributed to the electronic version of this book.


Dr. Felicia Carmelly and Bill, in memory of
      Laura and Isaac Steigman
      Bella and Elchana Steigman
      Rifka and Moshe Siegler

Dr. Fern Waterman
Diane Kogan and Dr. Murray Treiser, in memory of
      Mila and Armin Treiser
Mr. and Mrs. Hilo Ostfeld
Drs. Berenice and Mark Mandelcorn
Mr. Sol A. Leshin
Mr. Lawrence Wallach
Mr. Aaron Milrad
Riverdale Jewish Community Centre/Beit Iosef Congregation


Mr. and Mrs Nissan Silberman
Mrs. Bella Azar in memory of
      Rina and Marcu Swartz


Mr. Martin Richman
Ms. Nancy V. Penser
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dover
Mrs. Shirley Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aaron
Ms. Marcia Eisen
Dr. Gary D. Glassman
Dr. Jordan Soll
Mr. Gordon Polovin

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