The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

50 Years of Silence

History and Voices
of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria

Part Two: Personal Testimonies

Following are personal testimonies of
Transnistria survivors.

We tried to present their stories as they remember them and as they presented them for publication in this anthology. Translations and editing have been done carefully, in order to preserve the individual style of each of the contributors.

The personal testimonies will provide specific details of the different areas in Transnistria, as well as how individual contributors coped with life in the different camps.

  • Aroni, Samuel, USA:
         "Twists Of Fate"
  • Azar (Swartz), Bella, Canada:
  • Benditer, Ihiel, Israel
         " Cattle Fodder For the Victims"
  • Carmelly (Steigman), Felicia, Canada:
         "Childhood Robbed"
  • Cervinschi, David, Israel:
         "I Saw The Ahmecetca Death Camp"
  • Gutman, Tatyana, Russia:
         "The Fugitive"
  • Ostfeld, Klara, Venezuela:
         "Shadows of My Life"
  • Palty, Sonia, Israel:
         "Jews, Cross the Dniester"
  • Rifka, Yaldor, Canada:
         "Resettlement For A Better Life"
  • Rosu, Samoil, Canada:
         "The Iasi Death Train, June 1941"
  • Rozen, Marcu, Romania:
         "The Only Survivor Of A Family Of Five"
  • Sprung, Lydia, U.S.A.:
         "Meyer's Story"

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