Reno Defends Demjanjuk Decision

United Press International
September 2, 1993

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Thursday 2-Sep-93 11:46 AM

Reno defends Demjanjuk decision

WASHINGTON (UPI) _ Attorney General Janet Reno Thursday defended the decision not to ask the Supreme Court for help in keeping John Demjanjuk out of the country.

"We reviewed this matter very carefully," Reno said, "and we made the best decision we could based on law and evidence in the case."

The decision has drawn fire from some Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors in the United States and abroad.

Reno announced Wednesday that the government would not ask for an emergency stay from the high court after a federal appeals court in Ohio ruled that the former suburban Cleveland autoworker could return to the U.S.

But Reno said the government would continue deportation proceedings against him.

The Israeli Supreme Court has cleared Demjanjuk of charges he was "Ivan the Terrible" at a World War II [NAZI] death camp, but has taken no action on allegations he was a guard at another death camp.

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