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"Out of whole cloth, Mr. Giwer..."

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From: Yale F. Edeiken
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: The Issue Under Discussion
Date: 14 Aug 1996
Message-ID: <4urem1$>

[Mr. Grynspan] "So far the only person dropping a subject - or trying to - is you when you lose."

[Mr. Giwer] "The issue is that the descriptions of gassing do not match the facts of gassing."

As Grynspan's note shows, the issue under discussion is your lack of honesty and your typical tatic of conveniently "forgetting" about the nonsense you have written. Nonsense that is made up out of whole cloth with the obvious intent to deceive.

Some of those issues (and this is by no means a complete list) are:

1. Your claim that there was no organization known as the U.N. before 1946.

2. Your claim that the tape recorder was not invented until after WWII.

3. Your claim that the KZ were "well run" because there are no reports of typhoid or dysentary.

4. Your claim that head lice transmit typhus. (During which you informed everybody that a local teenager infested with head lice was "an otherwise authoritative source.")

5. Your claim that nazis were convicted at Nuremberg and hung for committing the Katyn Forest massacre.

6. Your claim that there is no evidence for the sterilzation experiments (although you admitted you never looked for it).

7. Your claim that testimony is not considered evidence by the courts. (You even insisted that a man could not be convicted of rape unless there was actual physical evidence of intercourse).

8. Your claim that Höss was "acquitted"" at Nuremberg.

9. Your claim that Zyclon B was useful for killing flies in a morgue.

10. Your claim that Valley Forge did not occur during the American Revolution.

11. Your fraudulent quote from Huey Long.

12. Your fraudulent misrepresentation of Patrick Buchanan's statements about the Gulf War.

And, to make it a baker's dozen:

13. Your claim that, in 1996, a physician diagnosed a peptic ulcer by putting a tube down your father's throat.

Others will, of course, have their favorite examples. But in each of these cases you suddenly dropped the threads without apologizing fr your errors.

If there is a "lurker" who considers you a credible source, I wouldn't count on him or her in a pinch. They are undoubtably members of Zundel's expedition to Antartica and will not be around for long.


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