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At the Height of Wit

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Hilary Ostrov:

You would think at some point [Giwer] would be bright enough to realize that he would be much better off if he were to refrain from all his useless wastes of bandwidth.

But, ever true to his motto, he leaves no post untrolled.

Matt Giwer:

You are the one who claimed regex was a search engine, dumb broad. One could also presume you are fat, very fat, as in soap material.

From what I have read it appears you are laying this Jamie character to get this "co-" reference. But it is clear you know only marginally less than he.

Hilary Ostrov:

It is no doubt obvious that the Giwer-troll has stumbled across one of the major shortcomings of the Nazi regime. In their meticulous record-keeping they did not foresee the day that an arrogant, pathetic windbag (aka the Giwer-troll) would make it his mission in life to puff up his non-existent self-esteem by defending their "honour" - and in so-doing fulfull his dream of leading the group of societal misfits whose attention he so desperately seeks with his incessant useless wastes of bandwidth.

Matt Giwer:

You have such a way with words, fat broad.

Hilary Ostrov:

I think you might have a mind (and possibly even that famed 163 IQ) But, as someone once said, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Matt Giwer:

Well taken, Fat Broad.

But you have never revealed who you are laying to get a co-status when you are so profoundly ignorant of anything involved in the Nizkor vanity site.

Let me guess. About 18 stone. How close am I? And uglier than a human hair doormat to boot.

Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Hilary Ostrov (to another user):

Thanks, Mr. Green! If it weren't for your post, I would never have known that the Giwer-troll had engaged his keyboard [...]

As an example, those who know me will confirm that I stand 5' tall and weigh slightly under 100 lbs.

Matt Giwer:

The only person who knows you is the one you are laying for the co-webmater in your sig. You have no idea what you are doing, fat broad.

Hilary Ostrov:

If you are a newcomer to this group, and this happens to be your first encounter with the divine Mr. G. (that's Giwer, not Green!) please do point your web browser to:

Matt Giwer:

Despite your fantasies, you are still fat and you have zero abilities to merit the title of co-webmaster were you not laying some one at Nizkor.

You know that and it is obvous here.

You are, of course, another piece of shit from the vanity site of Nizkor.

Hilary Ostrov (to another user):

TRANSLATION: Because! I! Say! So! I can wrap my keyboard in the flag of freedom of speech and spew unsubstantiated hate-filled drivel to my heart's content.

Matt Giwer:

Translation: Fat Broad hasn't got the brights to do anything but play typist and deliver on her back.

Hilary Ostrov:

And in the "Work cited" section of this document, one finds:

Conot, Robert E. Justice at Nuremberg. New York: Harper & Row, 1983

Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1943, as cited in Conot

Naumann, Bernd. Auschwitz. New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1966, as cited in Conot

Matt Giwer:

When is it going to be deleted, fatbroad?

Isn't "colleagues" a pretty fancy word for a few folks with a hobby on a shit computer?

Hilary Ostrov:

As might have been expected, not unlike the little child whose parents have wisely decided to ignore behaviour that is nothing more than disruptive attention-seeking, the troll - having long ago worn out his welcome and proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that (even if he did have something useful to contribute) and whose obviously non-existent self-esteem precludes his engaging in civilized factual rational discourse - proceeds to throw a major temper tantrum in response:

Matt Giwer:

Hey, fat broad. Been there, done that, got the sillly tee-shirt.

You are still fat and you still contribute nothing to Nizkor other than presenting on you back.

Give it up, fat broad. You know by now it was a ploy and you know there is another ploy in place now.

It you were not part of it, you are only a woman and were not consulted.


I can and will come in under another name that is not killfiled. You folks have proven yourselves so freaking dumb that I can do anything I want to show what idiots you are.

Hilary Ostrov:

If he weren't so pathetically ignorant and redundantly boring, this would be almost amusing!

Matt Giwer:

Right on, fat broad. Do you have do clean up McVay with your lips also?

What a stupid and fat broad.

If you are interested in the dictionary it is right there before fatbroad.

The only way you got your title is by laying McVay and you know it. You have no other qualifications.

You contribute nothing.

You accept only sperm from a thing.

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