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Hitler Source Book Bavarian State Police, Munich
Report to the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich, 1924

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Munich, September 22, 1924

IV a.Nr.:2427

Report to the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich

The State Police Department has already expressed its opinion in the report of May 8, 1924 to the effect that, in consideration of the temperament and energy, with which Hitler pursues his political ambitions, it is to be definitely assumed that he would not give up these ambitions even after his release from imprisonment; but that he will remain a continual danger for the inner and exterior security of the State. Until the present time, no reason has been found which could have led the police department to a change of its former opinion.

If the police department takes the stand that Hitler and Dr. Weber should not be released on October 1, 1924, this decision is based on the following reasons: Even during the trial the three defendants have repeatedly declared that immediately upon their release they will again promote the National Socialist movement and that they will continue to work in the same manner as formerly. Hitler, Kriebel, and Dr. Weber are now as before the leaders of the dissolved paramilitary troops and the spiritual leaders of its now existing camouflaged front organizations. Therefore a release of the three named persons, even on conditional parole [Page 2] should not be considered. However, should the court unexpectedly grant a parole it would be compulsory for the given reason to deport Hitler as the soul of the entire nationalistic and racial movement in order to avoid the immediate danger to the Bavarian State. In respect to this I refer to my previous report of May 8, 1924 in which I fully explained the reasons of my request for Hitler's deportation from Bavaria.

The numerous riots committed by his followers, until the time of the Putsch are to be accredited to his influence. The moment he is set free Hitler will, because of his energy, become immediately again the generator of repeated heavy riotous disturbances of the public order. He will continuously endanger the security of the State. Hitler will resume his political activities, and the hope of the nationalists and racists that he will succeed in moving the present disunity and the disunion among the officials of the paramilitary troops will be fulfilled. Hitler's influence on all nationalistic inclined - today he is more than before the soul of the entire movement - will again carry the entire movement forward. It will even absorb great masses of persons who are now foreign to his ranks and convert them to the idea of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In order to accomplish this he will greatly revive the mass assemblies, he will organize demonstrations as before the Putsch, and we can surely expect such outbreaks as are still vivid in our memory. Hitler will again take [Page 3] up his relentless fight against the Government and not abstain from violations of the law even if he is to face the revocation of his parole,

Therefore it is completely immaterial whether, as expressed, he will take up his residence in Berlin or in the Mecklenburgs upon his release or whether he will remain in Munich itself.

(signed) illegible

The Director of the Bavarian State Police, Munich

Notes: Hitler's sentence for high treason: five years confinement in a fortress.
Served: four months and two weeks before the trial..
Begin or imprisonment: April l, 1924.
Normal end of confinement: November 28, 1928.
Actual date of release: December 26, 1924.

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