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Hitler Source Book
Germany Possessed
by H.G. Baynes

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p. 25-26; H. G. Baynes: Germany Possessed - 1941

Another account which has wide currency, especially in Austria, is that Hitler's father was a wealthy Viennese Jew and that Schicklgruber, a mean and ungentle petty official, was attracted to Klara Poelzl more by the handsome 'consideration' which she brought with her as a dowry than by any kindling of the heart.

This account also has it that Schicklgruber treated his wife very badly and that Adolf came to hate him, not only for the mean way in which he would bring up the circumstances of his birth but also for his physically brutal treatment of his mother. Terrible quarrels between the parents resulted.

Now according to this second account, which came to me directly from Austrtan sources, it is said that after Hitler's parents had died, and while he was living in Vienna, a penniless outcast without education or apprenticeship to a craft, he tried to get some support from his wealthy father. He was turned away empty-handed. A scene is described in which his fellow-outcasts followed him to the great house and sat outside waiting for him to come out, either to participate in the father's bounty, or to poor [sic] ridicule on their fellow- outcast's discomfiture. p. 27

His effiminate partiality for Milschspeise, cream-buns and all kinds of 'soft' foods and drinks, not to mention sentimental attitude in matters of musical and artistic taste - all these factors would favour the hypothesis of a strong emotional identity with a young mother whose passionateness had turrned against the father, and fell accordingly in enervating showers upon the son. p. 27

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