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Suppliment to Interview With Dr. Eduard Bloch
April 1943

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Supplement to interview with Dr. Bloch

I saw Dr. Bloch again on April 10th and got to more facts from him which seem of importance:

a) Dr. Bloch is positive that there was a third sister. His daughter confirms that he always used to talk about this third sister, so that seems to exclude the idea that this may have been a mistaken memory of his.

All the more so, since he says that this said third sister always was sort of hidden by the family because she was a mental case. It seems she was debile.

To his best knowledge she was a daughter from the second wife of Alois Schicklgruber. He is, however, not quite certain about this point.

b) An acquaintance of Dr. Bloch's, a Mr. Bleibtreu, member of the family of famous actors, a gentile and of Nazi inclinations, once went to Leoding and looked up the school records. There he found evidence that Adolf had had trouble at this school- which would mean in his 11th or 12th year - on account of some "Sittlichkeitsvergehen".

He was, however, not excluded from school, the thing seems to have been hushed up and settled. It probably was nothing too serious.

I asked whether he had done something with boys or with girls. Dr. Bloch thinks it was with girls.

He is quite positive on this point, too. He remembers that said Mr. Bleibtreu reproached the headmaster for not having disposed some way or other of this damaging evidence against the Fuehrer.

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