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Hitler Source Book
Rulers of the World
by Maurice Crain

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Rulers of the World

Thomas Y. Crowell Comp., New York, 1940;
pp. 775

Contains a rather queer biography of Hitler's. Queer for the fact that its incorrectness seems inexplicable. F. i.:

"Alois Schicklgruber... as a young man ... attracted the attention of Anna Glaesl-Hoerer... Anna married him and set about raising his social status.

The change of name was one step in the process.

....Anna Hitler, despite her age, bore three children..." etc.

Second wife has no children. Third wife Klara, "in failing health..." when Alois married her. Suffered from cancer for ten years before she died. Marriage a "bitterly unhappy one..."

Crain also sees a connection between: the fact that father Alois was reportedly a "glutton" - while Adolf is a vegetarian; father married three times, Ad. avoids women, father a drunkard, Adolf a teetotaler; father heavy pipe smoker, son can't stand smell of tobacco. But father tyrant at home flew into rages etc. - and that Adolf has taken over.

The rest is a very superficial account of H's rise to power.

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