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Hitler Source Book
Franco & the German Counter Revolution
by Denny Ludwell
The Nation, March 1923


Denny, Ludwell: Franco and the German Counter Revolution
The Nation 116, March 14,1923. p. 295.

(Munich, February 3,1923. )

Hitler going from meeting to meeting, is received with enthusiasm. He is an extraordinary person. An artist turned popular prophet and savior, is the way members of the audience described him to us as we waited for him to appear. A young man stepped on the platform and acknowledged the long applause. His speech was intense and brief; he constantly clenched and unclenched his hands. When I was alone with him for a few moments, he seemed hardly normal; queer eyes, nervous hands, and a strange movement of the head. He would not give an interview - said he had no use for Americans. Later I learned something of this story. He is not an artist but a locksmith, not a Bavarian, but an Austrian. During the war he was wounded, or through fright and shock became blind. In the hospital he was subject to ecstatic visions of Victorious Germany, and in one of these seizures his eyesight was restored.

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