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Hitler Source Book
People Under Hitler
by Wallace Deuel

[Page 42]

WALLACE R. DUEL [sic] "People under Hitler"

"The German people are so strong that they can even stand a Hitler" ADOLF HITLER

Quotation used in DEUEL, People under Hitler p. 17

"Every deed has its place, even crime." ADOLF HITLER

quotation used in Deuel's People under Hitler" p. 83

on mustache:

...Hitler's hirsute history began when he let his beard simply grow untended when he was a. young man in Vienna. The result was a growth of soft, black fuzzy down that covered his cheeks and chin. It was much like the first beard of any other dark-haired youth, except that it looked much more non-Aryan than most..

..At the time he went from Vienna to Munich, in 1913, when he was 24, he shaved off his beard. He kept only a mustache...It was just a typical middle-class German pre-war style, in the large, bushy, walrus or handle-bar manner.

...Some time during the war came a new transmogrification: Hitler grew whiskers again. He grew another beard, this time a pointed goatee.

...But it, too, fell victim relatively soon to the shears (or razor) of the Fates and to Hitler's younger fickleness in matters of hair. For the the latter part of 1919 Hitler met a man who bore a style of mustache that captivated him, the style that was destined, upon Hitler's upper lip, to play so important a role in history.. This man was Gottfried Feder. pp. 56/57

physical description:

...He is five feet eight or nine tall, and must weigh approximately 180 pounds. His legs are short for his torso. His arms and legs, as Rauschning expresses it, are "ill-fitting and awkward." He is round shouldered and hollow chested and has a paunch. His legs are slightly bowed. He stands badly and walks badly, tending to toe out.

His dark hair is thick, straight and fine, with an auburn tint when light falls on it, graying now, but not remarkable in any way except for the comical forelock he cultivated for a time, the pomade he used as a younger man but later abandoned, and the excessive dandruff that has always plagued him and of which he has never kept his collar and shoulders as free as a more fastidious man would do.

Hitler's skin is coarse and pebbly, and often pasty and unhealthy in appearance. His eyes he has from his mother: eyes of a gray-blue-green so intense and so changeable with moods and other circumstances that equally careful observers have called them everything from azure to emerald and even "White". The Chancellor's nose is big and strong, his mouth cruel. His teeth are bad, principally, perhaps from lack of care. When he was barely middle-aged his lower front teeth had to be pulled [Page 43] and replaced by a bridge that was not remarkably good. Saliva tends to collect at the corners of his mouth, clouding his diction. p. 58/59

Many quotations from Olden, Heiden- uses Rauschning-Schumen-Lengyel.

"..Professor M.D. Steer, of Purdue University, has analyzed Hitler's voice and reports that it has a frequency in a typical sentence of 228 vibrations per second, whereas 200 per second is a usual frequency for anger. "It is this high pitch and its accompanying emotion that put the people in a passive state," Professor Steer says. "He stuns them with his words in much the same fashion as we are stunned by an auto horn." p. 81

..Hitler almost always speaks in one of only two moods. One is a mood of mystical and semi-religious self-abasement. It is this mood that he habitually appeals for the condidence [sic] and support of the German people. In it, he speaks of faith and destiny and miracles, of regeneration and martyrdom, and of his struggle for the souls of men. Often in this mood he uses purely religious terms: shame, sin and expiation. He is a redeemer, calling upon the people to lay their sins end sufferings on his shoulders ..... p.81

About a quotation from Olden referring to Hitler's style of hypnotizing his audience when he himself is overcome by his own inspiration: ..."Olden here describes a style that Hitler has invoked increasingly rarely in public since becoming Chancellor.".. p. 82

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