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Down the center aisle a solitary man walked slowly, step, by step, toward me .... Now I recognized the outlines of his face, the characteristic little mustache, the lock of hair, the eyes. They looked at me with a curious absent-mindedness. He came closer. He stood before us, offering his hand to the five of us in his Honor Guard, and passed on.....

.... Above me, there suddenly came a clear, powerful voice: Deutsche Volksgeosses!"

Sentence followed sentence. Now the voice pleaded, implored; now it swelled into a wrath that found its echo in the thousands facing me. Now it assumed tones of biting sarcasm, and I looked into thousands of derisive faces; now it sounded strangely cool and objective, stating facts which for many in the hall could not be facts at all but assertions never heard before. Yet the crowds in front of me no longer seemed to regard anything as impossible; they were ready to believe anything the voice said; for action was not limited to the one person. He played the crowd like a giant organ, pulling at the stops, permitting his listeners to rave and roar, laugh and cry. But inevitably the stream flowed back, until a fiery alternating current welded speaker and listeners into one. The more deeply the crowd was aroused, the mightier came the voice, the more intense the pleading, the more cutting its irony, the more powerful its wrath.

.... Hitler's voice had reached a point where it threatened to break ......... ...After the meeting - Hitler had vanished as though by magic......

Dobert, Convert to Freedom

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