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Hitler Source Book
Hitler's Wonderland
by Michael Fry

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....Now look at a photograph of Adolf Hitler and try to understand how this man managed to reach his present position. A round head and a round face, a strong chin under a thin-lipped, ruthless.-looking mouth and a Charlie Chaplin moustache. Hair parted on the right with a Napoleonic look straggling down over the left eye- no one could say that he looks typically German. If Hitler is to be called "typically something" I would say he looks like a respectable French bourgeois- but then that would be high treason.... His oratory is not German either. He talkslike [sic] Mussolini- raising his voice to a shout and then dropping to a hoarse whisper- bangs his fist on the rostrum, shakes it at the sky, waves his arms and tosses back his unruly lock of hair with the gesture of a musician. And the people love it- they were tired of the monotonous drone of the average German orator-.....

pg. 105- Hitler's Wonderland- Michael Fry- 1934

..The first time I heard Hitler speak in public, I spent ten minutes repeating to myself: "What a comedian- what a comedian!" ; as the Pope said to Napoleon many years ago. Twenty minutes later I felt like cheering. The passionate conviction, the fierce fire of invulnerable patriotism, and, above all, the wholehearted sincerity, put Hitlerfar [sic] beyond the familiar little tricks of the mob-orator. Everyone of his words comes outcharged [sic] with a powerful current of energy; at times it seems as if they are torn from the very heart of the man, causing him indescribable anguish. When he speaks of the Fatherland, when he describes the sorry state of demoralization which has set in, his eyes flash with anger, his voice rises to a shriek of fury- he is inspired. That is what the masses believe- that Hitler is a prophet directly controlled by the Powers above- and I can quite understand it. There is a magnetic fluid emanating from Hitler which seems supernatural.

The next time I saw Hitler was in the Kaiserhof Hotel in Berlin, where he is very fond of drinking tea in the afternoon. I watched him for a time to try and discover whether the fieriness of the platform was merely a mask adopted for the purpose of swaying the masses- I do not think so; for although he was chatting and occasionally laughing with his friends, I could see a smoldering fire in his eyes, every atom of his body seemed imbued with a latent intensity ready to well forth at any moment.

pg 106- Michael Fry- Hitler's Wonderland-1934

..In a way he is not to be envied. The never-ceasing fire that burns within him prevents him from enjoying many of life's entertainments. He has neither the time nor the inclination for social activities- not even among intimate friends. He lives in the midst of many men, and yet he lives alone- spiritual loneliness must be Hitler's secret regret......

pg 107- Michael Fry- Hitler's Wonderland- 1934

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...On one of his trips home he stopped at a village for petrol; a little girl came up to the car and started talking to the driver, not knowing that it was the greet Adolf Hitler himself. In the course of the conversation it came out that that day was the little girl's birthday, so Hitler took her in his car to the next town, gave her a sumptuous meal of cakes and sweets and then brought her home laden with toys.

p 107- Fry- Hitler's Wonderland.

Adolf does not smoke and never drinks alcohol. His great pleasure, when he can find time for it, is to go to the opera. Museums are his hobby; he claims to know the museums in Berlin better than anyone els [sic]. His early association with the building trade gave him a lasting interest in architecture, andit [sic] is said that the alterations made to the Brown House in Munich originated from his own ideas. He is is unmarried, of course, and so far no one has discovered any "amours caches"; although at one time there was a rumor that he had been secretly married and divorced. His great failing, which is an obvious corollary to his intensity, is the lack of a sense of humor. But that is a fault shared by the majority of Germans. There have not yet been any bon mots by Hitler; perhaps they will come later on when the tension of the revolution has toned down.

Hitler appeals to nearly all classes, but he is particularly loved by the middle class ... he has restored the self-respect of millions by fanning the flame of patriotism, long dormant in their hearts.... the middle class and a large section of the working class talk of "our Fuehrer" with the reverence accorded by Catholics to the Pope. Even Hitler's enemies talk of his with respect. Pick up a Communist paper to-day (there are still a number of them printed abroad and smuggled into the country) and you will not dind [sic] any lewd remarks about Hitler. Any number of obscene accusations against Goring, Frick, Roehm, and Goebbels, but nothing against Adolf Hitler. That is a remarkable fact that deserves to be put on record.

pg. 108. Fry - Hitler's Wonderland.

In this book Fry tries to show "that there is a great deal more in the forest of Hitlerism besides the senseless brutality of Storm Troopers and the exuberant agitation of well-meaning Nazis."

Fry demonstrates Chaos, Communism, Crime and Immorality (in exaggerated way) in Germany before Hitler- quotes Wyndham Lewis- Biographical material on Hitler based on "Mein Kampf" and Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli. Demonstrates Hitler's achievements in various fields- reform, unification etc. (Gives excerpts of Critics "the other side" socialists.) In spite of some good observations Fry has completely naive views on Nazism. Points out "that the furture [sic] of the entire civilized world is indissolubly merged in the future of the Third German Empire"

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