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Hitler Source Book
The High Cost of Hiter
by John Gunther


John Gunther
The High Cost of Hitler

Hitler, you know, has a very adhesive mind. He picks up things from everybody. He's like some extraordinary sponge. Consider how he has pillaged people for ideas. He has borrowed dogma even from the Jews.... For instance consider the striking paradox in that he has taken a great deal from Woodrow Wilson.....Hitler hated Wilson....But Hitler used - and used with superb skill- the Wilsonian theory of self-determination as a means to destroy Czechoslovakia .... Hitler in fact, used Wilson's own weapon - self-determination - to wreck the new countries Wilson helped to create. .

Similarly, Hitler has appropriated a great deal from another mortal enemy, Karl Marx.....

pp. 35/36, Gunther, High Cost of Hitler

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