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In My Time
Catholic World
Sisley Huddleston


Hitler is curious to watch. He is dressed in black, which emphasizes his slimness; he dances backward and forward; he bows and leans sideways with grace; he moves his arms like a ballerina; he is indeed a master of deprtment [sic]- almost, one would say, a dancing master. He is on tiptoe; his knees are bent; his foot flashes as he takes a step and then another step. As for his face, it is strangely mobile; there is scorn about the mouth, there is strength in that sudden setting of the jaw; the eyes, which turn up frequently and show their whites, are rather dull in repose, but they convey humour, indignation, and aspiration by thier [sic] rolling.

And his voice is excellent; it is deep and rich and changing; it is mostly grave, sometimes raucous, now and again shrill; it takes on all inflections...

In Catholic Wolrd [sic] May 1939 -
Nova et Vetera - from "In my time" by sisley Huddleston.

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