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Irving vrs. Lipstadt

June-December 2000

"Holocaust speaker? Surely even Irving himself would not call himself a Holocaust speaker. He denies it happened! But calling him a speaker gives him the credibility of an expert. He is also not a "controversial historian." He is a discredited and disgraced historian. In fact, by any reasonable definition of the word, he is not a historian at all." (Michael Berenbaum)

Brill's Content - Sept. 2000 Reporting Revisionism
When neo-Nazi Buford Furrow shot up a Jewish day camp on August 10, 1999 in Granada Hills, California, he called it a "wakeup call to kill Jews." After the assault, the Los Angeles Times decided to take a closer look at the people behind such attacks and assigned Seattle-based reporter Kim Murphy, a 17-year Times veteran, to the hate-crimes beat.
Civilization - June, 2000 Have complaint, will travel
Just before British judge Charles Gray ruled against him in Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt, the notorious Holocaust trial, David Irving expressed his view that no matter what the court decided, "my reputation is bound to be enhanced, because of my ability to stand up to the experts ... to take them all on." While many Americans may have cheered Gray's decision, they might also question how such an absurd libel case ever made it to his courtroom.
Jerusalem Post - June 22, 2000 The Personal Touch
"Because of the nature of the judicial system in England, Irving was given the chance to defend himself, "[to] expound, but essentially, he didn't have the intelligence to conduct his case as if he had some chance of making a case. He simply used the 33 days to parade his prejudices, offending the judge again and again, and that gave him satisfaction. But it didn't give him any sort of chance of a victory against Deborah Lipstadt."
New York Jewish Week - June 23, 2000 Graduations With A Shoah Theme
Fulton County Daily Report - June 12, 2000 Holocaust Story Draws Responses
Jerusalem Post - June 5, 2000 No Denying Her Now
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - June 2, 2000 Promoting Holocaust Denial
The gross inaccuracies of the Los Angeles Times again.
Jerusalem Post - June 1, 2000 Holocaust denier finds support in California

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