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Racists Clash With Foes

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By Scott Burnside

Racists clash with foes

Police cordoned off a city block around Bloor and Dufferin Sts. last night as anti-racists clashed with white supremacists.

The scuffle erupted as 125 members of the Heritage Front left a meeting in the Roma Banquet Room at Bloor St. W. and Gladstone Ave. where Holocaust revisionist David Irving was expected to speak.

Irving had been deported hours earlier.

More than three dozen police officers, some on horseback, were trying to break up scuffles as anti-racists and Heritage Front members hurled abuse at each other. A Sun photographer was roughed up in the melee.

Earlier, about 150 members of the Anti-Racist Action surrounded the restaurant and pelted it with eggs.

" The Heritage Front is a Nazi front!" protesters chanted. "Smash the Heritage Front!"

"Tonight we're here to say no to Nazis, no to fascism, and never again," said Rodney Bovbiwash, an anti- Ku Klux Klan organizer.

Wolfgang Droege of the Heritage Front said: "I think we have a right to meet any way we want to."

Other white supremacists said they weren't intimidated by the protest.

"I am a racist and I'm not ashamed of it," said Jimbob Jones, 22, of Newmarket.

"They're all race traitors," he said.

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