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Leuchter's Patents Described

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Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1992 21:55:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Cecelia A Clancy <>
Subject: Leuchter's Patents

Fred Leuchter really does have some patents, two of them, with a lot of overlap between them.

They are:

Electronic Sextant; patent # 3,968,570; July 13,1976

Geodetic Instument; patent # 4,339,198; July 13,1982

Although the finished product, if ever manufactured and marketed (neither ever have) would indeed be "highly sophisticated technical inventions" as, IHR claims they are, Leuchter did not do those most highly sophisticated parts of the engineering design process. Both patents incorporate a pre-exiting encoder and various pre-existing integrated circuits (IC's), many of which can be both at Radio Shack for one to three dollars each. The encoder and IC's are "highly sophisticated technical inventions", but Fred Leuchter did invent them. Yet, IHR is latching onto precisely this "high technical sophistication" to make the claim that Leuchter, working is such a super-engineer that he, working alone and totaly from scratch, was able to singly-handedly design such a "highly spohisticated technical invention".

The digital circuit Leuchter claims to have designed DOES require special training to design, but I think I will have sufficient training to have designed it myself after a few more semester in the undergrad electrical engineering curriculum. Now I certainly hope to one day be a great engineer, but I am certainly not going to be the super-engineer that IHR claims Leuchter is in just a few semesters from now. And how do we know Leuchter actually desighned that circuit. He might have hired an undergrad EE student to do it for him. Would it work if built and tested? I do not know.

The Geodetic Instrument is assigned to Celenav Industries, Inc, but Celenav does not manufacture anything. It is just a name that Leuchter once incorporated himself under. And Celenav has only one assignment. It seems as if Leuchter had created Celenav just to make it appear that his patent is being manufactured and marketed. Would he then show this to potential customers as a tool to dupe them into thinking he is a real engineer?

It is worth noting that IHR is claiming that Leuchter has many several patents on a wide variety of "highly sophisticated technical inventions" and that these patents are all in wide use.

A copy of Leuchter's patents can be easily obtained in any U.S. Patent Office Depository (there are many scattered throughout the USA) once you know the patent numbers, which I have provided. I will also be willing to snail mail you them, if you wish.


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