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"Leuchter Vindicated" - a UseNet Response

A UseNet Response from Dr. Danny Keren

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 15:56:58 GMT

This stuff has been posted here months ago, and refuted. There is a long file which addresses it more carefuly, but here are some major points:

1) Leuchter, who claims to be an "engineer", was exposed as a liar and a fraud. His only education consists of a BA in history, 1964. He admits to have no formal training in toxicology, biology, chemistry etc.

2) During his testimony at the Zundle trial in Canada, Leuchter not only lied about his professional past, he also ridiculed himself by proving not to have even a vague idea of what he is talking about. For instance, one of the claims Holocaust deniers make again and again is that there are less traces of cyanide compounds in the remains of the gas chambers in Auschwitz than in the "delousing chambers" in which clothes were deloused (using the same gas, hydrogen cyanide). As anyone with some training in toxicology knows, it takes a much higher concentration of the gas to kill lice, bugs etc than to kill humans and other warm blooded creatures (the concentration has to be up to 16,000 Parts Per Million; humans die when exposed to 300 PPM). Furthermore, to kill lice etc an exposure time of many hours is needed, while people die in minutes (like in the execution gas chambers in the US, which use exactly the same gas). Hence, it is obvious that there would be more cyanide traces in the delousing rooms.

When this fact was pointed out to Leuchter during his cross-examination by Mr. Pearson, he made the following pathetic reply:

"I've never killed beetles. I, you know, I don't know. I haven't made computations for killing beetles" [verbatim quote from the trial's transcript].

Furthermore, he claims that it would be dangerous to house the furnaces for cremating the victims in the same building in which the gas chambers were located, because the "gas might explode". Of course, he didn't even bother to check before exposing himself as a complete ignorant; the gas explodes at a minimal concentration of 56,000 PPM - about 200 times more than the lethal concentration (check, for instance, "The Merck Index" or any other text on flammability and toxicity).

Even more amazing is to read what he answered with regard to the current situation of the gas chambers in Auschwitz (demolished by the fleeing SS in an attempt to hide criminal traces):

Q. Crematoria III has been demolished.

A. Um, there are still parts of Crematoruim III there, but for the most part, the roof of the alleged gas chamber has crumbled and is all lying in bits and pieces in the basement of what would have been the alleged gas chamber.

Q. So, it's no longer subterranean?

A. That's correct. There's a hole in the ground.

Q. With respect to the gas chambers at Crematorium IV and V, those are totally demolished.

A. With the exception of the foundation, yes.

Q. So, all that was there for you to examine was the foundation of the building. Is that right?

A. That is correct.

Even more incredible is to see what Leuchter writes in his report:

"Evidence as to Krema function is non-existent since Krema's I oven has been completely rebuilt, Kremas II and III are partially destroyed with components missing, and Kremas IV and V are gone".

"Are gone"! Yet, he can still conjecture about how they functioned before being destroyed...

The whole "report" is more or less the same - rubbish disguised as "scientific research", written by an un-educated fool which doesn't even bother to check the facts before writing his nonsense.

-Danny Keren.

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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