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Prussian Blue: a UseNet response

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From: (Tuomas Viljanen)
Newsgroups: soc.history
Subject: Prussian Blue and Gas Chambers
Message-ID: <>
Date: 4 Apr 92 05:50:21 GMT
Organization: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Prussian Blue is a mixture of several ferro-cyanic complexes, mainly of KFe(III)Fe(II)(CN)6 (Turnbull Blue) and the reverse complex (hexacyano- ferrate). It is formed by reaction of iron(II) iones and KFe(CN)64- -iones, which are formed by reaction of Fe2- + 2 CN- -> Fe(CN)2: Fe(CN)2 + 4 (CN)- -> (Fe(CN)6)4-

Prussian blue (or I would rather speak about Turnbull blue, since it is the main component), is a relatively stable compound. It is used as a pigment in paint and ink manufacturing and is one of the main pigments of printing inks. It doesn't readily dissolve in water, as do many other inorganic salts and complexes.

But Prussian blue is not stable in extreme pH-conditions. It is decomposed readily with acids or bases. Therefore it is today in little use as an out- doors paint pigment, since it weathers rather easily. It is stabile as the same sense as marble is stabile, but try to drop some drops of sulfuric acid on a marble surface and guess, what will happen ! Harsh weather conditions, like acid rain (which is much more severe problem in Eastern European countries than in US), has certainly deteriorated much of the original Prussian Blue in Auschwitz gas chambers, which had, in addition, been demolished by the Nazis while leaving. I would say it is a small wonder that even so much cyanoferrates have survived to these days, since even limestone in European city buildings do not survive the acid rain !

Since cyanoferrates do not occur naturally due to their poor weather standing abilities, mere traces of cyanoferrates inside of a building indicate that cyanides have been in use in that particular building. Without cyanide they are not formed. Therefore some gassing must have happened in these 'alleged' gas chambers. Perhaps gassing people like pests, only that pests die much more slower than do people !


Leuchter report is of a little scientific value. It has been proved wrong by the Polish government and other researchers. Besides, a man practising engin- eers profession without being one is a fake. Even if one is specialist with execution equipment. That one can be called as a psycopath fake. Hitler would have been glad to have similar subordinates as Leuchter seems to be.

Winston is a jerk. No matter how many times he has been proved wrong, he just keeps talking on like a gramophone out of order. Lies do not become into truth no matter how many times they are repeated. There are three kinds of lies: small lies, damn lies and statistics. Winston is a queer kind of a man who miraculously manages to gat all these three types of lies in one posting.

He doesn't seem to have any opinions of his own. He always quotes other people's writings, usually published in the propaganda panphlet, the IHR Newsletter, which credibility is in the same class than was Der Stuermer (an anti-Semitic Nazi paper published by J. Streicher). He does not seem to have a faintest idea, what kind of pepole the Nazis were. He seems to hail and praise totalitarianism without realizing what it really is. In my eyes he is a nerd, a coward who plays a togh guy, a sheep in wolf's clothing. He sows hatred, hoping he will get the attention he normally wwouldn't. He is a pityful mama's little boy, but he is too stupid to realize that. If Winston had been in army (not in that democratic kindergarten US army is, but in a real Prussian army, where oppressing and bullying is an everyday thing), he would not have so sunny wiev in totalitarianism.


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