The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

Netguide Magazine
February 1995

The Reich Stuff

By joel furr

The Holocaust never happened!''

''Yes, it did, and here's proof.''

The decades-old fight against the hate and lies of the Nazis has found fertile ground on the Internet. A dedicated cadre of researchers and scholars, led by Vancouver, Canada, resident Ken McVay, compiles and posts proof against the wild claims of online neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.

Three years ago, the 52-year-old McVay began collecting facts that disproved the revisionists' claims for his own use. Recently, he made the information available via a listserv--an automatic mailer that responds to requests sent via e-mail. He also posts the information to the alt.revisionist Usenet newsgroup, where many of these neo-Nazis congregate.

McVay calls his enemies inept researchers and incompetent liars. ''One of them posted a message that he'd found a news story in this old magazine about some Jewish politician making claims of a mass extermination of Jews after World War I. The guy claimed this was a lie the Jews pulled out of their hat after each war. It took us months to track down this magazine and when we found it--it'd been out of print for 50-60 years-- the article said nothing of the sort.''

To receive a list of McVay's files, send e-mail to, with the phrase GET HOLOCAUST/INDEX in the body of your message. You can access the same files via a gopher server at

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