The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

A Public Statement Regarding
Ernst Zundel
Internet Interactivity

42. While the Net has enormous potential for interactivity, participation, and rebuttal of falsehoods -- in short, potential for free exchange in the marketplace of ideas -- the operators of the Zundel site have refused to take advantage of these aspects. They avoid any form of interaction with those who disagree with their views. As a result, it is impossible to effectively rebut their falsehoods. There is no sign that this pattern will change in future, either with the Zundel site or with the other major Holocaust-denial organizations and individuals on the Internet.

43. The Internet, with regard to discussion of Holocaust- denial between its proponents and opponents, has been no more interactive and participatory a medium than print publishing, and I have seen no indication that change will be forthcoming.

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