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Herbert Pfoch
"Nazi extermination camp...for the liquidation of ... Jews... "

Herbert PFOCH
Gallitzinstrasse 77/2
1160 Wien
Vienna, 29 June 84

Dear President Brentar:

I have received your letter of 18 June 1984 and in this connection want to repeat what I already stated by telephone on 24 June of this year. In several respects it appears that you have reached false conclusions based on false information.

In the first place, Treblinka was not a "prisoner camp for Poles", but it was an especially organized Nazi extermination camp, for the liquidation of hundreds of thousands of Jews from many European countries.

Secondly, I never have performed "duty" there and for this reason I am unable to provide any information concerning any member of the camp guards. On the other hand, it is correct that on 22 and 23 August 1943 at Sielce, Poland, as a member of the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht), on route to the Russian front, I witnessed a transport of Jews en route to Treblinka, who were exposed to atrocities that are hard to describe. At the time, we protested to a responsible SS officer who pointed out to us that if we did not disappear at once we would have an opportunity to see Treblinka from inside.

Ukrainian "auxiliaries" brutally and bestially shot or beat to death women and children, as well as older people unable to get quickly enough into the railroad cars. The four enclosed photographs provide only most inadequate information about the situation at the time and the atrocities that were committed.

With best regards,
s/ Hubert Pfoch

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