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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:53:30 -0700
To: (Kenneth McVay OBC)
From: (Sara Salzman)

Daylin Leach is an attorney in Pennsylvania. He is currently representing Scott Bradbury, a virulent anti-Semite who has been sued for criminal harassment over the Internet. Mr. Bradbury's threats were directed at Yale Edeiken, a member of The Holocaust History Project, and at that member's family and business associates. Most recently, Mr. Bradbury has threatened the THHP member's wife and her business associates. A default judgement was issued against Mr. Bradbury in August of 2000.

As both an observer on Usenet (alt.revisionism), and the recipient of similar threats from Mr. Bradbury, I agreed to testify at a damages hearing. Since that time, Mr. Bradbury's threats to me and my family, as well as his violent anti-Semitic attacks, have dramatically increased. Because of this, I spoke on the phone to Mr. Leach, asking him to explain to Mr. Bradbury that threatening a witness, threatening to sue my father, and constantly attacking me verbally was not a good idea. Mr. Leach's response was, to put it mildly, strange. He claimed that it was all "not a big deal," and for me to just stop posting.

As the attacks from Mr. Bradbury escalated, I forwarded his attacks to Mr. Leach, who responded thusly:

From: <
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:34:33 EST
Subject: Re: Please be aware
To: Sara Salzman


Why you people continue to pay attention to each other is beyond me. I've
told my client to ignore all the people who have been threatening him and
saying bad things about him for years. They never actually do anything to
him and most of them live thousands of miles from him. I suggest you do the

Obviously, Mr. Leach was not taking the issue seriously. I tried to explain it further by reciting the litany of abuse I have received from his client:

Mr. Leach:

You are mistaken. Based on comments like those from Mr. Bradbury, my
children have been harassed. Child Support Services has been contacted with
claims that I am an abusive parent. Death threats to President Clinton were
forged in my name. Photographs of my house have been posted on the
Internet. Photos have been placed on the Internet with my face attached to
the body of a naked, obese woman.

Mr. Bradbury has threatened to sue my father (who has never even posted on
the Internet) and has publicly named attorneys he plans to contact.

Recently he has attacked the place of business of Mr. Edeiken's wife. He
has encouraged others to attack the employers of anyone who disagrees with
him, and he has accused one of the largest charity organizations in Texas
of embezzling money.

There have been absolutely no threats from me (or anyone I know of,
including Mr. Edeiken) to Mr. Bradbury. The supposed threats have come from
his own paranoid fantasies=8A.

You seem to think this is a very big joke. I assure you, it is not.  It has
destroyed the safety of my family and my ability to earn a living.  If you
cannot control your client, I am going to be asking the Disciplinary Board
of the PA Supreme Court to investigate your tacit approval of witness
intimidation, which constitutes a violation of the ethical standards to
which attorneys are required to adhere.

Great harm has been done to me and my family, and to other people and
organizations I respect.  If "saying bad things" is all you believe this to
be, I'm afraid you are very mistaken.

Sara Salzman
Mr. Leach's response to me is a shining example of WHY we continue to fight against Holocaust Denial, and the anti-Semitic attacks leveled against us:

From: <
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 20:06:29 EST
Subject: Re: Please be aware
To: Sara Salzman


This is the final time I will speak to you on this subject. I can see
Scott's point about you when you threaten me (i.e., the disciplinary
committee). You have no idea what you are talking about. File whatever you
want. However, I will not join your daily hate E-mail list. This shows what
happens when you try to be courteous to crackpots.

I have heard with my own ears the threats Scott has received. He clearly
has his own issues and has also contributed to this stupid war of words
between you, him, Edieken [sic], the holocaust deniers, and whoever else
has way to [sic] much discretionary time to spend on the Internet. (your
[sic] right, I do think its a joke).  However, the offensive things he said
are not in my control. I represent Mr. Bradbury on the narrow issue of
jurisdiction. Yale Edeiken sued a man in the wrong state. That's it.

You, your father, attorneys in Maryland, etc., are not part of that suit.
What you and Mr. Bradbury do and say to each other is not something I can
control, or am particularly interested in. If you feel you have suffered a
wrong at the hands of Mr. Bradbury, please feel free to take legal action.
(Doing it in the right state might be nice). When you do, I'm sure Mr.
Bradbury will have another attorney.  You can yell at him at that time.

I will not be responding to you anymore. My best guess is you and Mr.
Bradbury will be calling each other names and threatening to sue each other
for the next 20 years. I hope that is satisfying for you.


So let's sum it up. I described the harassment my family and I have suffered, and Mr. Leach responded that it's "all a big joke," and that I am a "crackpot."

Until these issues are taken seriously, those of us who believe in free speech but not hate speech, will be subjected to unchecked attacks on our characters, our homes and families, our places of business, our neighbors, our livelihoods, and our safety.

Sara Salzman

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