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Michael Rothe

Michael Rothe is the owner of European Sound Imports, at 109 King Street W. in Kitchener. According to the K-W Record, he is a native of southern Germany, who came to Canada eight years ago. His stereo store might appear harmless on the outside, but on the inside, one can obtain anti-Semitic propaganda from a variety of sources. According to the Record, in addition to the book by Fred Leuchter mentioned above, one can also purchase a booklet on the court battles of pro-Nazi publisher Ernst Zundel.

Rothe also believes that the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated, and that there is a world-wide Jewish conspiracy behind it. "They want money. When they have money they have power," he has been quoted as saying. Although Rothe has claimed, "I have not seen a neo-Nazi before," according to the Record, he attended a recent "victory party" for Ernst Zundel, and Zundel was recently sighted at his store.

When I asked Rothe if he knew what Irving would speak on, he claimed, "Irving comes to speak on Germany ... only Germany." When I pointed out that this was false, that Irving actually spends a significant portion of his speeches discussing how the Holocaust is a hoax, he repeated, "No, that is wrong -- Irving only speaks about Germany." However, the posters Rothe himself has put up belie this claim--they list the Holocaust as a topic of Irving's speech.

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