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Linda Thompson
demands removal of file

From: (Linda Thompson)

You wrote:

On your webpage, under the listing for "named people," you have a file called "Adl-Thompson," which is a reprint of a false and defamatory article about me written by the ADL, to which I am referring.

There is no file by that name on the system. There is a file in your directory, linked to an ADL report file. In your directory, the link name is "adl-linda-thompson." On the web, this file may be found at the following URL: a-thompson.html [typo corrected. knm]

This is not "my" directory. It is listed on your webpage. The listing of my name is yours. That is a misappropriation of my name, for your commercial benefit, and it is unauthorized, and you are requested to remove it immediately.

The file reads as follows:

[snip - see linda-thompson.html for a copy of the text in question]

Please confirm that this is the file in question, and, if it is, please be kind enough to define the alleged defamation for me.

That is the article and it would be simpler to note the parts which are not false and/or defamatory.

I am an attorney and Chairman of the American Justice Federation.


Kind regards,

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                       I CHOOSE LIBERTY.

Linda Thompson

       Remember Waco.   Remember Oklahoma.
The Murderers are still free and running YOUR country.

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