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Aleksandr Yeger:
Women, children and old people...


From the Stenographic Report of the Interrogation of the Defendant Aleksandr Ivanovich YEGER on 7 April 1948.

The Interrogation began at 9.00 p.m. and ended at 10.00 p.m.

The second section of this platoon was called the "Urlopschein" or leave, and the guards in this section were given leave for about eight hours and left the camp to go to nearby villages and populated places. During this 24-hour period, the third platoon rested and so was called the "zugpeifreizeit" platoon, that is the resting platoon. It performed domestic tasks.

Thus each platoon spent 24 hours on the outside guarding of the camp, the next 24 hours a part of the platoon went on leave, the second part of the platoon took part in the unloading of the railroad cars and escorted the prisoners to the gas chambers and during the third 24-hour period the platoon rested and performed domestic tasks.

In the space of three to six 24-hour periods, all the guards of the company of guards took direct part in the extermination of citizens of Jewish nationality and personally shot them.

Women, children and old people were exterminated together with men in this "infirmary". The special "working crew" was also exterminated in the "infirmary".

Written down from my words correctly, read by me and signed -


Interrogation Made By: Investigator of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of State Security of the Ukraine, Molotov Region Jr. Lieutenant POPOV.

Stenographic report made by: ANTIP'YEVA

The excerpt is true: First Deputy Procurator of the Crimean Region, Senior Councillor of Justice, KUPTSOV

"28" February 1978

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