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Aleksandr Yeger:
Fedorenko served at Treblinka

EXCERPT From Report of Interrogation of Defendant YEGER', Aleksandr Ivanovich, born in 1918, German, citizen of the USSR, married.

...FEDORENKO, Fedor, I do not remember his patronymic, about 42 years old, I do not know of what place he is a native, a Ukrainian, served in the Soviet Army during the Patriotic war, I do not know how he became a prisoner of the Germans.

Distinctive features: tall, dark, large nose.

FEDORENKO had the rank of an SS oberwachman. he was assistant to the commander of the first platoon of a guards company in the Treblinka "death camp". he came together with me from the city of Warsaw to the Treblinka "death camp". he took part in the shooting of citizens of Jewish nationality during the unloading of trains, in the undressing places to the gas chambers and to the "infirmary".

At the end of 1943, he left for Danzig as part of a company of guards. I did not meet him again and do not know where he is now.

Written down from my words correctly, to which I sign my name (SIGNATURE)

Interrogation made by: Investigator of Investigation Department of Ministry of State Security of the Ukraine, Molotov Region.

Junior Lieutenant POPOV


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