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Ernst Zündel

Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel
with his janitorial staff
(Don't you just love the outfits?)

Books about Zundel:

"If Ernst Zundel is a refugee, Daffy Duck is Albert Einstein... Some propositions are so ludicrous that they are a betrayal of common sense and human dignity if allowed a moment's oxygen.

Rex Murphy - Globe & Mail

"Bernie Farber...correctly pointed out that 'Zundel goes further than any other Holocaust Denier,' making a direct connection from the Holocaust story to Jewish greed and money grubbing by calling it an extortion racket. ...

That's how you earn yourself derogatory titles such as... 'anti-Semite,' 'hate monger' and, for good measure, 'racist.'"

Ernst Zündel's Zundelgram, 1/2/97



Flying Saucers & Secret Nazi UFO Bases

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The Yedioth Ahronoth Interview

RealVideo clips from an taped interview between Ernst Zundel and Tsadok Yecheskeli on February 2, 1997. The videotape, according to Irene Zundel, was widely distributed to Mr. Zundel's friends and supporters.

Mr. Yecheskeli was the New York Bureau Chief for Yedioth Ahronoth, a large Israeli newspaper.

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