The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

Ernst Zündel on the film "Schindler's List"

This single-page leaflet shows a still from Steven Spielberg's 1994 movie Schindler's List and five photos from 1943. Its chief claim is that Plaszow camp commander Amon Goeth could not have shot people from his balcony (which ignores the fact that the book Schindler's List explicitly states that the shooting was performed from a house he was temporarily living in at the time). Zündel's last comments are, in bolded caps, "BAN SCHINDLER'S LIST!"


... The movie generates hatred against Germans, and it should be possible to ban it under "hate laws" in Canada, Germany, and other countries. Photocopy and distribute this, and join the worldwide campaign to BAN SCHINDLER'S LIST!

Information: Ernst Zuendel at Samisdat Pub., 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ont., M5A 2L1 Canada

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