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Mayor's Committee & Citron v. Zündel

  • Mayor's Committee & Citron v. Zundel: Judgment

    Respondent's Exhibits

    After digesting the Respondent's Exhibits, above, you are invited to read Dr. Ingrid Rimlands sworn affidavit before the Federal Court of Canada.

    Federal Court of Appeal

    • Judgment on Appeal "This is an appeal from an application for judicial review of two rulings made by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in the course of hearing a human rights complaint made against Mr, Zuendel. In the first ruling (A-258-99), the Tribunal ruled that counsel for Mr. Zuendel could not engage in a certain line of cross-examination. In the second ruling (A-269-99), the Tribunal refused to qualify a witness tendered by Mr. Zuendel as an expert witness."
    • Judgment on Appeal regarding whether or not Tribunal member Ms. Devins is "subject to a reasonable apprehension of bias"

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